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f4l5s48knmischaMischa Barton was taken to the hospital because she had complications from wisdom tooth surgery. But this isn’t her first mysterious and sudden hospital visit (Remember she passed out at a BBQ two years ago) so everyone is assuming her predilection for indulging in controlled substances is responsible. Last we heard she was on involuntary psychiatric hold, which isn’t so surprising when you consider her rocker boyfriend Cisco Adler broke up with her because HE thought she partied too much.


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Not a great week for Cisco Adler. Since he and Mischa Barton split, he hasn’t had a lot of luck with the ladies. That unfortunate nude photo on the internet certainly didn’t help any. First he was given the cold shoulder by Amy Winehouse. It’s 2 AM at Hyde above and he tried to kiss that girl who is shrinking away from him. Maybe it’s the mustache. Against his will, he left without female companionship.


winehousecut_436x450.jpgAmy Winehouse has little use for Hollywood men! The hot UK singer performed March 19 at the Roxy on Sunset Strip and the male-dominated audience couldn’t get enough of her. After the show there was a party for her at the private club upstairs On the Rox. Again, it was mostly men focused on Amy -she barely had a moment to relax. Cisco Adler (son of music mogul Lou Adler and ex-boyfriend of Mischa Barton) turned ON the charm for Amy, who was unimpressed. He insisted on getting her shots – she asked for two Patron shots and said “I”ll be right back” He stood by the two shots on the bar for the LONGEST time before realizing she had NO intention of returning, and looked embarrassed. Many guys tried to hit on her, but Amy resisted. One guy from Warner Brothers went up to her, drunkenly slobbering that he LOVED her music and he gushed “You’re HOT!” She responded by SPITTING at him – she turned her back and walked away. Amy left the Hollywood dudes in tatters, and they loved every minute of it.


While the cat’s a way the mice will play. Mischa Barton was in Paris for fashion week and Lindsay Lohan thought it would be fun to hang out with Mischa’s exboyfriend Cisco Adler. Mischa and Lindsay have never been fond of each other so we’re not surprised. There’s nothing Lindsay seems to enjoy more than aggravating other females by fooling around with their boyfriends. She has that in common with Paris Hilton. Anyway, Lindsay was at Le Deux playing DJ last week when she and Cisco got friendly. They left together- all buddy buddy – and were seen at a few locations after that. Does she really like him or is she just trying to get Mischa’s goat? Or is HE trying to get Mischa’s goat?


mischajointcut.jpgTruth is stranger than fiction. The REAL reason Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler broke up has NOTHING to do with those awful nude photos of him on the internet. In fact, It was Cisco’s idea to split. He has been concerned about Mischa’s excessive “partying” (and you know what we mean.) Mischa frequently went out with the girls and came home wasted. Her excessive behavior caused personality changes – moodiness, crying jags, and paranoia. Cisco and some of Mischa’s worried girlfriends got together and staged something like an intervention. They want her to clean up her act. Mischa was OUTRAGED. Cisco told her “If you don’t do this – we’re THROUGH.” Predictably, Mischa refused and Cisco stuck to his guns. He’s having a hard time, but his friends are keeping him strong.


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Laughingstock Cisco Adler is shopping at Kitson- probably picking out gifts for Mischa Barton to keep her from dumping him. Ever since the nude photos of his freakish self appeared online, his on-again off-again girlfriend Mischa has been hiding out to avoid the inevitable questions like “What do you SEE in him?” Now he’s really turning on the charm to prove to the world that looks aren’t everything. Inexplicably, we think Mischa is hanging in there.


Mischa is miserable since she left the O.C. She feels like her life is over and everything is going downhill.” revealed an insider. “She feels lost since she left the show and started pestering her boyfriend Cisco Adler for a commitment. She threatened to leave if he didn’t give her a ring. He wasn’t ready to get engaged so he stalled by buying her a “promise” ring. That satisfied her for a few weeks, but she started acting crazy and hyper-emotional. “She acts like she has nothing to live for.” Cisco couldn’t take the drama and told her “We’re better off apart.” He told friends “She’s too crazy for me.” That really set her off – she threatened to commit suicide and even threatened to kill their dog! She was seen sobbing in her car with wrist bandages. Whether she actually cut herself isn’t known. “Cisco feels bad so he’s pretending to work things out with her so he can let her down easy. He’s hoping she’ll come to her senses and won’t do anything violent or vindictive. But he wants out.


Mischa Barton FINALLY got what she wanted – a ring from Cisco Adler! And it’s a whopping diamond. Mischa’s been flashing it to all her friends, saying “Look at my promise ring.” She wears it on her right hand so it’s not an engagement ring – yet. It’s a promise to get engaged. Actually it’s more of a “compromise ring.” Mischa has been hounding Cisco for a commitment – she wanted an engagement ring. Cisco wasn’t ready for THAT, but he didn’t want to lose her. He knew he had to do SOMETHING to make her happy, so he compromised and gave her the promise ring. For the time being, they’re BOTH smiling.


This is just a sweet end-of-summer photo of Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler looking like two kids in Anywhere, USA. They’re pictured at the Malibu Fair and it looks like Cisco hit the target at several carnival games and won stuffed animals for his sweetheart.


It went down so fast you might not have noticed, but Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler called it quits again – and just as suddenly kissed and made up. Here’s what happened: Contrary to popular belief, Mischa was absolutely THROWN when her character was killed off on The O.C. Suddenly she felt insecure and disconnected and worried about the future. She turned to her boyfriend Cisco for solace and informed him that an engagement ring would make her feel a LOT better.Cisco has had this ultimatum pressure from her before and he doesn’t like it. He IS crazy about her but he’s also confident she’ll wait until he’s ready to commit. Mischa stormed off in a snit and Cisco didn’t give in – he just settled back to wait until SHE returned. Mischa hates being alone and she started calling Cisco’s dad Lou Adler for love advice. Lou likes Mischa and tried to reason with her, but soon realized both she and Cisco like to “play games” and he’d better not get involved. Cisco was right – Mischa gave in and they’re hot n’ heavy all over again.