winehousecut_436x450.jpgAmy Winehouse has little use for Hollywood men! The hot UK singer performed March 19 at the Roxy on Sunset Strip and the male-dominated audience couldn’t get enough of her. After the show there was a party for her at the private club upstairs On the Rox. Again, it was mostly men focused on Amy -she barely had a moment to relax. Cisco Adler (son of music mogul Lou Adler and ex-boyfriend of Mischa Barton) turned ON the charm for Amy, who was unimpressed. He insisted on getting her shots – she asked for two Patron shots and said “I”ll be right back” He stood by the two shots on the bar for the LONGEST time before realizing she had NO intention of returning, and looked embarrassed. Many guys tried to hit on her, but Amy resisted. One guy from Warner Brothers went up to her, drunkenly slobbering that he LOVED her music and he gushed “You’re HOT!” She responded by SPITTING at him – she turned her back and walked away. Amy left the Hollywood dudes in tatters, and they loved every minute of it.

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  1. this chick is nasty and a drug addict. She has lost so much weight that she looks like a holocaust prisoner.

  2. I don’t see the appeal. Then again, I’m not a guy.

  3. I love Amy Winehouse. I think she is original and cool. Good for her to reject the Hollywood guys who have nothing to offer like Cisco Adler. I hope she has much personal success and that she can find some true happiness in this not so happy place.

  4. Good for Amy !
    Cisco Alder has droopy balls anyways lol ! lol !
    Finally ~~ A woman who has self respect 🙂

  5. in the words of a living legend, Ms.Whitney Houston, “crack is wack”.
    And uh, this girl is not a star- in the US at least, not yet.

  6. Love those tattoo, a real class act. Wonder if that’s her real hair or just extensions.
    She needs a different belt, I’m surprised she doesn’t have one with say a lot of holes in it.
    Course, she turned down a few guys so there’s something positive upstairs working.

  7. What a fcking dog,UGLY,UGLY.UGLY.I bet her panties stick to the floor,shes a repulsive douche bag and why its a star is a mystery.It just goes to show that low lifes with no looks or talent can make it in the u.k..I doubt she and her stinky crotch rot will catch on here.DISGUSTING.

  8. I just took a dump and it looks just like Amy Bagelhouse,Should I sell it on e-bay? I bet it would go for more than one of her c.d.s.

  9. I only pray she o.d.s and spares us all her so called career.

  10. Amy Wino is one ugly looking witch.The only reason any guy would wanna fck her is,too much booze or to get his name in the papers for sticking his dck into that death trap of a hole.

  11. Who took that lousy photo, talk about a bad angle!
    Wonder what she looks like standing straight up ?
    No doubt, Janet wanted a photo that made he look bad, sort of like this one where it looks like her britches are about to fall down, because she doesn’t have a very big rear-end.

  12. She shouldn’t have listen to her agent or her fans who wanted to change her. She look unhealthy the way she is now.
    Much to the degree, she is either annorexic or has that HIV look.
    You that kind of look from sharing needles !! Wonder if one of those tattoo needles wasn’t sterilized.. All it takes is one itty bitty drop of somebody elses blood and your pretty well F**k’ed.

  13. Damn! This is a good hot teasing b-itc-h! I would like to grab her and f-uc-k the s-hi-t outta her! I would love to slip on a condom and put my big banana up in her split. Open her up real good! She’s a crazy hot freaky b-itc-h! I like that. Guys like that! Lol.

  14. If guys like that then no wonder trannys get lots of action. Especially the ones that look better than this hag.
    And most people with HIV look nothing like this in 2007. You’re stuck in the early 90’s.
    And who said this girl had self esteem? Honey, if she had any she wouldn’t look like this.

  15. She looks drugged out.. so basically she’s her natural self.

  16. someone should ban her vagina from america for spreading things not yet known to mankind.

  17. Our (Britain’s) Amy couldn’t give a shiney shit about what anyone thinks of her. She’ll make more money than any of you dumb arse people who criticise her. She spits on you lot! And good job too.

  18. I like her music, but girl’s got NO manners at all. Especially when drunk.
    And if the men loved it, that’s just sad.

  19. she looks like whitney in her crack whore days! too skinny and fugly,a crack whore standing on the corner looking for a fix

  20. she is trashy lookin and cheap with all that make up and the hair has flies tangled in it that’s why the weird face


  22. dark alleys or not i would not want to see her at all it’s time to vomit bye

  23. she sure is spooky and those eyes i have to look the other way

  24. Amy obviously has some self issues. She has so much going for herself, yet she doesn’t carry herself with any self respect or dignity. It’s a shame and one can only wonder what has transpired in her life to create the monster she is or has become. There is no self love and that is apparent. When you resort to self harm…you need help and FAST. I hope eventually she gets the help she so desperately needs and continues to pursue her singing career because she is an awesome singer and is very talented. Best wishes Any!!!!

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