This is just a sweet end-of-summer photo of Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler looking like two kids in Anywhere, USA. They’re pictured at the Malibu Fair and it looks like Cisco hit the target at several carnival games and won stuffed animals for his sweetheart.

8 thoughts on “SUMMER LOVE

  1. Another one I don’t care about and don’t even know where she came from. What’s Sally Field up to? Candice Bergen, Neil Sedaka…names, sweetie, I want names!

  2. 1:01, thinks she’s observant but is way off the mark. I was doing a parody of Jennifer Saunders’ character, Edwina Monsoon, from “Absolutely Fabulous”! But seriously, 1:01, do you care about this Micha Barton chick?

  3. Micha Barton? Who is she? I’ve heard her name and I’ve seen her picture, but what has she done other than always dress awful?

  4. They are breaking up. Mischa cheats on Cisco all the time. 100% true, Poor ugly Cisco. He is the one that calls Janet with the scoops since he is so desperate to keep Mischa. She is done with him.

  5. Oversized sunglasses and skinny jeans are a majurrrrrrr fashion don’t
    Barton’s a cute chick but she’s got them baby making hips- skinny jeans make them hips look wider and her ass wide and flatter.

  6. FLASH! Perez Hilton’s site is down. Probably couldn’t handle all the haters reacting to Paris Hilton’s DUI arrest.

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