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Not a great week for Cisco Adler. Since he and Mischa Barton split, he hasn’t had a lot of luck with the ladies. That unfortunate nude photo on the internet certainly didn’t help any. First he was given the cold shoulder by Amy Winehouse. It’s 2 AM at Hyde above and he tried to kiss that girl who is shrinking away from him. Maybe it’s the mustache. Against his will, he left without female companionship.

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  1. Aaack! He’s one ugly dude! Only in Hollywood could a guy like that be news. I wouldn’t give him the time of day on the street.

  2. it’s not the moustache, it’s the total package including his saggy testicles.

  3. these dudes only get play because there is a heterosexual male shortage in the entertainment industry.
    straight girls who are single and who want to date men have to put up with the cisco adler types or go dateless.
    who is this guy anyhow?

  4. This is the son of someone (Lou Adler) who actually worked, had talent, and made a career for himself as a record producer (Mamas & Papas etc). Cisco simply rides his coattails.
    Hmmm…the horrible hair style (is it a style?), the saggy balls, the ugly face. So much to choose from girls.

  5. You are rich and live in the plastic surgery capitol of the world, Cisco. Get that sack lifted!

  6. cisco should do a porno with angelina jolie. afterwards, every man will be trying to figure out how to inject collagen intp their balls to make them droopy and hang low.

  7. i predict that nut sack saline and silicone implants will be the next big rage in hollywood plastic surgery.

  8. How is that guy? Looks to be early 30’s… He ought get a short haircut the where there’s no hair on your ears and look distinguished like Don Immech (remember him, old timers). Classy guy with style.
    Wonder if anybody ever thought about doing a biography on that guy in the form of a movie?

  9. ugh no good comment he needs a good makeover gals’

  10. he one messy looking dude stay away girls he’s got lice and crotch crickets BEWARE

  11. beware is right i seen on the street one day he also has b o

  12. is it me or does tha girl in the picture look like jamie lynn discala/siegler, whatever she calls her self now.

  13. he is gross gross and his breath stinks too and his teeth needs fixing

  14. give me a bat and i’ll take care of that one good swing and splat

  15. he needs to dress better cut his hair and shave and clean his body. then just maybe he can get a chick?

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