Little did Demi Moore know what she would start with her 1996 movie Striptease. The film bombed but thanks to Hollywood, the stripper pole became an object of desire. Especially for women who want to get in shape AND become more seductive. Pamela Anderson installed a pole in her house and nightclubs like On the Rox followed suit. (Even guys like Lance Bass have taken a twirl on THAT one.) Upscale gyms all over LA installed poles for their strip classes for girls like Carmen Electra. The last straw was a shopping website (Tesco Direct) in the UK that added a stripper pole to the Toys and Games section of their website. For $75 you could buy your child an adjustable chrome stripper pole and garter and CD combo, promoted with the motto “Unleash the sex kitten inside.” Parents went BONKERS and got the offensive item removed from the site. We wonder what’s next – a stripper pole in the school gym?

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5 thoughts on “POLE DANCING

  1. Charlie sheen had one installed in his place when he was a bachelor and paying for sex. Call it a conversation piece. I wonder who wiped down the pole after every night of call girls riding it? Maybe Emilio?

  2. That movie was so retarded and it’s not the reason for the stripper pole craze…rappers started that craze…bring da ho’s in-house

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