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Having Top Chef television personality and sometime vegetarian Padma Lakshmi visit their tiny mall carry-out restaurant The Veggie Grill in LA, proved to be both a blessing and a curse for the chef. Padma, who has written several cookbooks, selected the “All Hail Kale Salad” at $8.45 from the menu, but she wanted it prepared exactly to her specification. She wanted fresh kale, not marinated kale, cabbage, fresh corn, but no corn salsa and no tomatoes, extra walnuts, and the LA mantra “dressing on the side.” The chef aimed to please – he labored to fulfill her every desire and other customers had to wait longer for their orders, but no one cared because they were all thrilled to see the glamorous former model. And yes, she thanked them profusely.

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  1. Could have been worse, chef Ramsay could have paid a visit.

  2. Why did she go to a restaurant; what she really needs is a personal chef. Some people don’t get the concept of what a restaurant is. Those were more than modifications. She basically handed them a recipe and had them execute it.

    I am sick of Hollywood’s ridiculous skinnyness demands. With all those walking skeletons, no wonder people are messed up.

  3. It would really piss me off to get in line behind a demanding control freak like her. CoCo is right, she should be eating at home not tying up a restaurant with her ridiculous demands.

  4. for everyone who didn’t pay attention: WOMEN R U L E, folks!!

  5. I get sick of reading about stars who pull these kind of stunts. Making a custom salad while making the unwashed masses stand in line. I sure hope she tipped well. A great gesture would have been to pay for all those who were on a tight schedule and were inconvenienced by her self absorbed culinary requirements.

  6. Lots of racy near topless pics of her on the web.

  7. What completely fabricated rubbish…please.

  8. in most restaurants, when customers are that picky their meals are seasoned with snot.

    she is ridiculous.

  9. It’s just a salad people. Haven’t you ever been to a place where they fix it for you and you tell them what you want? If you’re in a hurry, go elsewhere.

  10. This woman has NO talent. Her only achievement was hooking up and latching onto senior geriatric Salmen Rushdie$ and the managing to get pregnant from one of the Dell boys$$$. I guess she has money now to pay for PR agents and managers to keep in her in the news as she is well know amongst insiders to be a vile person.

  11. People have allergies and digestive, diet restrictive problems.. it’s not like this was her stealing food or time from starving people right?

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