Somehow it’s comforting to hear that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson tested positive for coronavirus. They are being totally open about the situation and plan to reveal everything as it happens. Tom described his and Rita’s symptoms so far, and they weren’t alarming. They are in Australia where he was preparing to play Colonel Tom Parker in a movie about Elvis Presley. Tom says he expects to be tested and isolated for as long as necessary and is “taking it one day at a time.” We look forward to his diary of events…

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  1. Survives?!?!? It isn’t bubonic plague or ebola, it’s a respiratory illness with symptoms exactly like those of the flu – fever,cough, lethargy. Children seem immune to it, and any otherwise healthy adult will easily recover from it. The question to ask is, swine flu truly was an epidemic in 2010, killed hundreds of thousands, and hospitals ran out of tests. Corona virus has killed 39 in the U.S. – 26 elderly in one nursing home – remember all the hysteria over swine flu? No? THAT’S BECAUSE THERE WASN’T ANY!!!! Now, why are the media, financial institutions, and politicians playing up corona virus to be this terrible disease that will decimate the planet, but said NOTHING during a real epidemic 10 years ago? Let’s see – now, who was President 10 years ago, and who’s President now? You think maybe that’s the difference? You think??? If you haven’t died of the flu yet, you won’t die of corona virus. Calm down and wash your hands, you’ll be fine.

  2. Thursday:

    Hello, Neighbors

    Whew! What a week this has been! So right-off the bat, let me just say that Rita and I are fine, just feeling a little run-down. Have you ever felt a little run-down, boys and girls?

    First thing we had to do was decide where to qurantine. Now that’s a big, scary-sounding word, but it’s not, really. Say it with me: “Qur-ran-tine.” See? Not scary at all.

    Our doctor is Dr. Oz and he’s taking good care of us. He’s also a dear friend, and a neighbor.

    Dr. Oz said, “Now Tom and Rita, you need to pick one of your houses to lay-up in for a while—but not any of the ones in the Northeast! ”

    “Why not the Northeast?” asked Rita.

    “Because if you were to get a tick-bite, you might get Lyme in your Corona!”

    And then he laughed and laughed. That Dr. Oz is a scamp. And Rita and I will get through this. You just watch. 😀

  3. The word “pandemic” simply means verified infections over a large geographic area; it has no relationship to disease resistance or immunity, or even the number of people infected. You can call me names if that makes you feel better, but the fact is, very, very few children and young adults have contracted corona virus, and the few who have show little to no symptoms. Most of the common colds viruses we’ve all had are corona viruses; even the CDC website describes covid19 as a “mild virus”. Those that give into the panic the media are trying to incite are doing everyone, including themselves, a disservice. It’s clear from Tom’s and Rita’s communications that they are JUST FINE, as will be the vast majority of those who may also be exposed to the virus. The over reaction to this outbreak should seem suspect to anyone with half a brain, particularly as we’ve had much more serious outbreaks – such as 2010 swine flu, with 61 million patient in the U.S. alone, 18,000 dead, and NOTHING like this was implemented.

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