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Tom Cruise is looking a bit short next to Katie as the family enjoys some Miami sunshine on their way to a yacht. Isn’t Suri is getting a bit large to be carried? Huffington Post dug up a Scientology video. “We Stand Tall,” from 1990, featuring Tom’s best friend David Miscavige before he became THE top ranking Scientologist. (David’s the short guy in the shirt with a yellow circle on it in the front row of singers.)

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  1. I see he celebrated Father’s Day with Suri but where are his other kids?

  2. @Elizabeth,I was wondering the same thing!


    The 1990 cult video will make your skin crawl. It is scary to think of how many people have been fooled into joining this cult.

    The other kids weren’t carried around and spoiled like Suri is. I am all for spoiling kids. I can’t help but wonder what Connor and Isabella think. Hope all three kids are happy and healthy.

  3. He is super short, even with the tall hat! Check out his short little legs…in that horrible outfit! What he’s he really 5’5 maybe??

  4. Look at where his hips are compared to Katie’s. Hilarious! What is with the celebs carrying their kids around till they are almost grown? Katie, Angelina, etc all do it. Crazy!

  5. Just watched that scam video, ha ha ha lol. There lifting that guy like he is a king or something, what a joke! We stand tall, give me a break, standing tall giving all your money maybe. So sad. Kinda freaky actually. They forgot one word GOD. Not one mention. Oh that’s right hubard is there God, really now??? Lol … He looks like a wizard… Cruise is loosing it! So is is wife.

  6. @Ivy, Exactly, God just isn’t mentioned. That gives me the creepies.

  7. suri has to take practise to embrace her mother like this.

  8. Wow — the real Cruise… short! I stopped carrying my daughter when she got to be around 30 pounds and my back went out. Not good for Katie, unless she has Wonder Woman back muscles… 🙂

  9. Ahs gunna lynch me sum “American” wite boy trash.
    Afer ahs bust his ass wide.

  10. I’m mesmerized by his short legs. Check out how high his ankles are on those shoes. That screams LIFTS!!!

  11. To be fair, Katie is tall to begin with, and looks as though her shoes/clogs have a high heel.

  12. Maybe they are protecting Suri from the person(s) taking the photo, or she was scared and wanted to be picked up. And by the looks of it, they had just crossed a busy road and they look as though they are walking fast. In these instances it would be easier to pick the child up.

    Just sayin….

  13. As long as I can pick up my kids to hug and hold close to me.. I will.. why do people have a problem with parents snuggling, carrying their tired children? Katie is a very tall.. strapping strong lass and more able to easy carry Suri than Tom perhaps? If you see a guy carrying a lady are you in shock and scold him for not making her walk..? Firemen, rescuer’s and hero’s must be retrained to never lift anyone over the age of two again? Quelle horreur!!!!!

  14. Bwahaha!What an idiots!Damn,Tommy girl looks reeely short here.

  15. I read in the Enquirer (or Globe) recently where Tommy stated he is 5 foot seven. Yeah, right, that’s with 2 inch lifts. And you will never ever see him in flip flops, ’cause it’s hard to put lifts in them.

    RE: Scientology….Over time I have berated Tommy for being in SCI body, soul and spirit. Oh Well, for old times sake……Tiny terrible Tom Thumb (aka Little Hitler) is going to get paid back in eternity for being in SCI and leading other fools into it. SCI is the worst cult ever, totally leaving out the Trinity, God the Father, God the SonJesus, and God the Holy Spirit. I would not want to be in his tiny shoe lifts on Judgment Day.

  16. Tom it is great that you have a daughter and she is pretty and has your eyes but is that it for children? Are you ever going to have more and if your wife won’t can’t she give her eggs and your sperm to some one and let them carry the baby and so that way we can see some more children come your way..Tom Your Hot and love to see you have a Son or two and your wife is worried about her body or she can’t stand labor and some woman will not do it after one and that is sad.

  17. Suri is so Cute but is that it and your have millions of dollars and I am sure there are woman out there who would love to carry your baby and I just think there are so many chickens out there unwilling to give men more children but there are woman who will and if they had a sperm bank out there some woman would want a Tom Cruise child but I am getting carried away and your Beautiful man and very attractive and really sweet and have a wonderful smile and your smart and handsome.

  18. @ Elizabeth ..”Where are his other kids”.

    Connor and Bella were probably dropped off at the SCI Centre for a fun-filled day of thetan counseling and clearing.

    SCI also has classes for kids as young as Suri, so if she had been to the SCI Centre, she was probably worn out. Poor kid, poor all of them.

  19. I’m with you, Indy, Tommy Boy will find out what a joke Scientology is when he’s cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity. Hope he likes it HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I’m all for finding ways to deal with life’s difficulties, which is what Scientology is, from what I’ve read. However, turning it into a “religion” is proof that their brains are all fried. Worshipping a L. Ron Hubbard as a God is just wrong. They will all be in my prayers.

  20. For the “We Stand Tall” video, the garden gnome (thanks for that Alpha Femme) AKA David Miscavige, is actually standing on a special box owned by Tom Cruise.

    Unknown how promptly Mr. Miscavige returned the box to Mr. Cruise.

    For some major lulz, substitute Randy Newman singing “Short People” while watching the video.

  21. Short people are cute and Tom Cruise is still Hot and Sexy and do-a-ble and has a great face and smile and his body is smoking hot and yummy and he did make a pretty daughter who is lovely little lady.

  22. To Strom from Casonia of Seattle,You said massive stuff about me and..All I can assume is that your talking about yourself and your life!Every thing you had said about me is not true..You Called me Mean! Hells Kitchen attention is all I Care about? says:

    Suri loves to be carried and it is fun and thank god she is little enough to do that still and if mother will do it..Why not.

  23. To Strom from Casonia of Seattle,You said massive stuff about me and..All I can assume is that your talking about yourself and your life!Every thing you had said about me is not true..You Called me Mean! Hells Kitchen attention is all I Care about? says:

    Mom loves picking up her little girl and lets face facts Suri is little and has little feet and little legs because she is a little girl and her parents can walk and walk and sooner or later a little girl gets tired and mother looks in great shape and wonderful and together they make a wonderful family.

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