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Adam Lambert stands out in sunny Venice, California, in his all black and leather outfit and high black boots. He and a friend had lunch at Gjelina restaurant and did not ask for substitutions. His S&M look is complimented by big unruly Twilight hair. Adam DOES have a great head of hair.


  1. Hair Janet??? He dyes it black you know. And take a look at how lightly dressed the people behind him are. I think a leather jacket and tall boots and all black clothes in summer heat looks pretty stupid to me.
    The guy still looks like a large baby to me, just dressing in black leather doesn’t make you a “grown man.”
    By the way, the boots have a sort of “Edward Scissorhands” look to them, don’t they?

  2. He looks like a guy trying way too hard to be something he’s not…

    ……….the same thing with me!!

  4. Summer and heat must be hell on earth for hefty, heavy layered, Mr. Priss Rocker Pretendo!

  5. Yes he’s a little overdressed for the weather, but those are some cool boots.

  6. He looks like a slightly more masculine Yoko Ono.

  7. My Gay friends all love Adam Lamberts Hair and his Hot Body and He can sing his ass off and can dance and always looks really sexy and delightful but He is not my type but my friends go crazy every single time…This Man Sings..My Guy Pals who are Gay really melt like a Hot Grill Cheese Sandwich with Hot Butter Browning the Top and the Bottom and I Know my friends often say that they would love to marry him and or just have one single night with them would really make there wish come true? But as far as his Hair! As Long as he has his own style and class and happy and cheerful to show the whole world another way to enjoy a change and make his own History of what good looking mean? He is in great shape and has a body that is Beautiful and He has such a open Mind and willing to show us another way in life to get attention and We all have to face the facts and that Mr Lambert is so smoking Hot that He is easy to keep an eye on him!

  8. He is Tall and Sexy and He looks Happy and cheerful and just think..He is Rich and can stop at any store and go shopping and He gets to work and do something he has joy for and has passion for and He is Dressed to Kill and his friend looks pretty and nice looking and it looks like she is having fun…Taking a walk and having a Chat with a Friend and just getting out there and smelling the fresh air and looking at the birds in the tree and just getting some cool breeze hitting her shoulders and yes every one keeps talking about his hair and yes you would not wear that style…But it is not you! He is Brave enough to be himself and He is not like any one in this world.

  9. I don’t see anything wrong with his clothes and boots. I don’t care for the nail polish because I only expect that on girls and little dogs. However, I would love to have at least half of his hair!

    I have to confess that I really like his voice. I saw him sing “Mad World” on tv and I was impressed with vocals.

  10. @Seriously

    LOL Too Funny!!! Loved the comment about Yoko!

  11. Joanie…right on.

    DAMN IT JANET….get it right for ONCE:


    ONLY means: IT IS

    DUH girl. There is NO possessive for it’s. We’ve told you time after time.

  12. How bout we all get together and buy Casonia Logenberry a comma or two?

  13. Cool! Adam rocks.I love his music, his fashion even his hair.

    LMAO on the comments made by other people.

  14. Yes go ahead and make fun of me and I am just playing around and being a blabber mouth and just being creative and Adam Lambert is not my type but my friends really dig him and love his fingernail polish and all..Yes this man can sing his ass off and really take control and have a wonderful time while he is doing it and this is something this man is born to do and it is deep inside his soul and he can rock it out with the best of them.. My friends really like his sense of humor and the way he gets every one attention is a Plus.. But His Hair is what makes him..Him! He seems proud walking down the street looking the way he does?

  15. Adam Lambert is an excellent entertainer. He can dress however he wants no matter the weather, he still looks HOT!!! So what if he´s gay, I´m a straight female and still melt when I see him or listen to his amazing vocals. This is a man who is comfortable in his own skin and that makes him look even sexier. LOVE YOU ADAM!!

  16. Oh,strutting Rockstar!! He’s gorgeous! He sure loves those boots doesn’t he? And those leather strips around his thighs are just naughty!! Love you Adam <3

  17. All faggots/lesbians go to hell unless they turn to JESUS in repentance and faith. Period. And faggot enablers (such as Kelly Ripa) will join them in hell. Many times, whore Kelly has had Neal Patrick Harris and his partner, David Burtka, to her mansion in the Hamptons. She is thus teaching her 3 young children that it is OK to be gay. So, I say to this stupid bitch…live it up now in your wealth and mansions, cause where you’re going, satan is going to call the shots. Romans, Chapter #1, I go by the Bible, you may do as you please, and reap the consequences later.

  18. Christine!! ^^. Harsh, judgemental and vindictive God you have there.

  19. ^^^^^^^They can repent and be forgiven; it’s up to them….same with all sins/sinners.

  20. Doesnt matter that he is gay…he is super hot, sexy and an all around really NICE guy….super super talented…love him to death….he is gorgeous inside and out! The next Elvis, long live the king!

  21. Indy you will also reap what you sow. Hate begetes hate. First and foremost Adam Lambert is a great guy. He treats people with respect. He is also funny, intelligent, articulate, and mad talented. He has many friends, both gay and straight. I have never heard a bad word about Adam from anyone that has met him. Can the same be said about you. Do you think Jesus will love people like you who spew hate? Its sounds like your jealousy of people more fortunate then you, determines how you feel rather than Jesus.

  22. Well, you know the old adage. Two minds are better than one, and it looks like some of you could use one. Your snide remarks make you ugly. Don’t go throwing stones, they’ll only come back at you.

    Adam Lambert gets my vote!!

  23. Adam wears too many layers of clothing. Other than that he looks good. I like his hair. I really like his song Voodoo. Soooooo good

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