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Tom Cruise is winning points with his six yea old daughter Suri by spoiling her rotten and using the time he’s allotted with her in the most advantageous way. Imagine being picked up and flown by private jet to the beach or Disney World! Tom dressed Suri up in a Little Mermaid costume, bought loads of toys, and they had VIP treatment at the park. As usual, she was in the company of adult Scientologists- no kids her age. Since Tom is shopping for a big house outside New York City – can a PONY be far behind? (Remember, Katie felt she wasn’t ready for a puppy yet.) Mothers know when to say no to kids – often fathers try too hard to impress them.


  1. Instead of spoiling his child with materialistic trash, why don’t Tom hobbit spoil her with love? Oh right, they don’t teach that at the church of psycho freaks.

  2. In another few years, Suri will read all the stuff on-line about her dad — what a wakeup call. Get me out of this awful CULT!!!!!!!!!

  3. He really looks like a tiny little wimp in that picture. Sick scientologist freak!

  4. It’s not that fathers try to impress, it’s because they always feel guilty.

  5. Her outfit is very inapporiate just to be walking around disney land park, even if is empty. Not only spoiling her but let her look like a young baby whore. That looks way to pervy. Katie would never dress her like that to go out.

  6. Can you say Disneyland dad?
    He’s doing what all controllers do and spoiling her rotten just to make her resent going back to her mom who we know will tell Suri “no” and set reasonable limits.

  7. And that lady is probably one of the ones paid pennies per hour by Scientology and she has to carry Tom’s bags. What kind of man lets a woman carry his stuff for him?

  8. Katie is going to be stalked for the rest of her life, or at least until the kid turns 18. Katie may have executed a brilliant escape, but Tom will not, not ever, let her have the last “word.” Didn’t Tom build a scientology center outside Nashville after the split with Nicole. No one can ever escape him. So, so creepy.

  9. And, get a load of the smug look on Tom’s face. He’s WINNING!

  10. his other pals, the six dwarfs, attracted him!!

  11. I thought Disney didn’t allow visitors to wear costumes at their parks. There were two recent stories of people who got kicked out, one in a Tinkerbelle outfit and the other dressed as Santa.

  12. Imagine my surprise: Suri can actually walk on her own.

  13. all the little girls wear costumes at Disney, so some of the comments are ridiculous

  14. My great granddaughters wore their Disney costumes when they went to Disney World. After a few hours, they might change but they felt like little princesses in their outfit in the middle of Disney World.

    It is highly accepted & encouraged (you can buy them there too) at Disney World for children to wear Disney costumes there.



    I think you are right on target. I don’t trust him. He’s too devoted to the cult.



    I was thinking the same thing but I think the woman is part of his family.

    @ Bluejay

    That gives me chills.


    @Dawn Davenport


  15. If Tom had a brain, he’d realize that he seriously neglected his now ex-wife and daughter, and would spend time with Suri doing normal things, like going to the zoo, as Katie does. But he’s so in love with media coverage and trying to make himself look like a good dad, he’s making himself look like an asshole. I feel sorry for Suri because she’s going to be the most screwed up child whenever she spends time with Tom. His strategy must be to make Katie look like a meanie mom who won’t even let Suri have a puppy, for goodness’ sake! “No problem, sweetheart, Daddy will take you to Disney World! Isn’t that better than a puppy?” I think this is just the beginnig of lavish thngs that Tiny Tom will do to try to win Suri’s support. He’s a psycho pathethic little troll who has no idea just HOW pathetic he really is.

  16. Yes, why the disney excs will be blatant about encouraging the pedo-kid look from unsuspecting gullible parents.

  17. @ yoyo: I believe the word ‘Love’ is not in the tiny one’s vocabulary. The only love he feels is for the SCI cult.

    Katie is going to have to watch her back always and never be without bodyguards.

    Mafia = NYC = Scientology.

    Katie knows and any thinking person should know that when tiny Tommy Hitler gets visitation w/ Suri that he will have 9 or 10 SCiengologists at his mansion to continue the thetan counseling/clearing sessions designed esp. for a 6 year old. If Katie thinks he is not going to do this, then she is really beyond stupid. Watch for Katie to lose weight as this worry continues to haunt her.

  18. @yoyo

    “Tom hobbit”


    Whenever I read something about Cruise, I find myself chuckling to myself about one or two Indy’s frequent descriptions of “Tiny Tom” .

  19. Three time loser in marriage.
    He must be full of those nasty gay Thetans.

  20. People,this is America!~Last time I checked we still have freedom of religion in this country. Why diss a person over religion ?
    This is a media driven $&it storm against a man and his personal beliefs…
    It has been appalling. (NO IM NOT C.O.S.)
    I am a Christian and a American.
    BTW Disneyland Dads are nothing new either !

  21. We may not have freedom of religion much longer if our Muslim dear leader Barack has his way.

    Google: president Obama celebrates Ramadan dinner at White House.

    To call Scientology anything but a cult is blasphemy. They exist only on the big big bucks of idiot celebrities. They will all end up in the L— of F—.

  22. C.I. I am not an o-shit fan but we live in jew country not a muslim country. Especially in nyc the jews own the city, education, jobs and courts.

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