We can’t say we’re really surprised that Poison singer Bret Michaels’ girlfriend of eighteen years, Kristi Gibson, has called the engagement. She’s put up with his rockstar ego and all his health crises through the years and they have two daughters together. He proposed on his reality show in 2010, and it looks like he never bothered to follow through after the show was cancelled. Personally, we would have a hard time living with that headscarf and fake hair and those ever present two fingers….


  1. When he thought he was dying he was all about marriage. What a scumbag.

  2. Palermo, I agree with you. She has stuck by him for 18 YEARS and who knows how many head rags stitched to doll’s hair! He’s a total douche in my eyes now. I was all for him in The Apprentice, but after making her wait for 18 years and two kids, he hasn’t managed to find the time to keep his word to her and marry her after all this time? He doesn’t deserve to feel up her giant fake tits ever again!

  3. I think he faked his illness for sympathy on the apprentice so he could win. So if he could fake that then he could fake an engagement with his fake hair for 18 years.

    Why keep doing celebrity apprentice when they already have jobs? Whatever happened to regular people on the apprentice?

  4. The hair hat, rock star shenanigans, 2 kids he’s never home for & a patient girlfriend of 18 years, is more than one can handle. That said, Bret really don’t seem all that bad compared to a few others. Shame that “buyer beware” sticker on his forehead didn’t come in big, flashing neon lights.

  5. Lot’s of silicone involved in that look. Obviously she had delusions of fame.

  6. Reta, I agree with what you said 100%. I was really rooting for him to win on Celebrity Apprentice (even though I never was able to find the tea he marketed in my local WalMart), and I felt really bad for him when he had the heart problems. But. 18 years is more than enough time to wait for a man who won’t commit. Kristi is pretty, although those fake boobs are a bit much, and she can do better than a man who has done what Bret has done. Good for her to actually want a life and a marriage with a man who loves her and wants to be married to her.

  7. This guy is just really gross. I never understood his appeal, even from way back and now he’s even worse. These women are crazy to stay with men like him and put up with all the crap, especially when they won’t even marry them.

  8. Y’all crack me up! I do have to add what is up with that “smile” in the pic? That is the most fake smile I have ever seen, it’s completely ridiculous! He should have practiced before posing.

  9. George Lopez was worse, screwing Hookers with his wife’s kidney comes to mind.
    Other long suffering Doormats in Hollywood J.Garner, Jessica Biel, S.Hayek,…

  10. Trump jumped the Apprentice shark with Arsenio.
    He was afraid the Media would label him a racist.
    Despite Clay a superior player having raised more charity money and I don’t even like Clay.

  11. I can’t imagine wanting to be around this weird-o, let alone date him or anything else. He is really strange looking. She is one stupid misguided dame, probably thinking her fake breasts would help push him down the aisle. Hope she has a good lawyer to get child support.

  12. America’s newest superhero “Mega Douche-Bag”.

  13. Bret is teaching his daughters that men don’t respect women. And he needs to face his age and stop with that yarn hair and do-rag. He looks ridiculous.

  14. How bald is this guy anyway? Is all that blond stuff phony? He’s despicable and a one-hit no-wonder. His girlfriend is smart to dump him because he’s a bad example of what a man should be.

  15. I blame his girlfriend. Why would she stick around – and then have 2 children???? She could have done so much better from the beginning. She must have her own issues.

  16. he took “C*CK SUCKER” too literally.
    (he pleased his manly fans)

  17. I guess Kristi stuck around for so long for the sake of their daughters. Otherwise, why would any woman with a speck of self-respect do such a thing? It’ll be interesting to see what she does now. Now that she’s realized that he will never marry her. She will just go back to life as it was before the ring. Jackasses, both of ’em for different reasons. And I agree; Bret needs to face his age and stop wearing that stupid dorag. Hasn’t he ever heard of hair transplants?

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