As the Tiger toll climbs to ten women claiming affairs as of today, it’s starting to look like infidelity isn’t his only problem. Suddenly Tiger’s possible ingestion of drugs and/or alcohol is under scrutiny. His own wife admitted he had taken Ambien and Vicodin and had drinks earlier on the day of the accident. One of Tiger’s girlfriends happens to work in a marijuana clinic. He paid Rachel Uchitel millions not to talk about SOMETHING. Considering Tiger’s penchant for hot nightclubs and hotter women, can drugs NOT be in the picture? This story still has a long way to go.

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  1. It’s a wonder there are no pregnancies out of all this cheating.

  2. Word is he loves ambien sex cause he likes it rough. Part of the reason he paid Rachel so much, he is in lust/love with her. He wanted her to have plenty of money to be comfortable til they get back together.

  3. The only thing missing is that awful hypocrite, Al Sharpton, coming out in Tiger’s defense. As for drugs, that’s nobody’s business. Tiger can use whatever he wants in his off time, but I doubt he’d have accomplished so much career-wise if he were a raving addict.

  4. At first it was funny, Tiger getting the crap knocked out of him. Now he’s just disgusting. Elin is getting the hell out there.

  5. The whores who prey on wealthy athletes (and on men in general) are also to blame. And who knows what the state of Tiger’s marriage was in when he started down this path? I’ve read he and Elin were already in counseling.

    He was a young man who’d been relatively cloistered his entire life when he first got famous, and all of this began. After he got away with one slut, the list grew. I know none of this makes his actions “right,” but this is merely an extreme example of an unfaithful partner exposed.

  6. So he shouldn’t have gotten married, then. And if he was going to cheat, he should have worked out an arrangement with his wife, or gotten a divorce. But cheating is usually about the deception.

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