What good can possibly come from locking up Michael Douglas’s son Cameron in jail for ten years to life? His track record isn’t nearly as bad as Farrah Fawcett’s son Redmond, but he’s confessed to drug dealing and that is the resulting sentence. He didn’t injure anybody and he didn’t get caught driving under the influence – he’s a danger mostly to himself. It’s a nonviolent, victimless crime. He’s messed up, but these harsh drug laws need to be revised. Personally, we take enormous satisfaction in seeing REAL criminals punished, but this is different. Prison is not always the answer. We feel awful for Michael Douglas, who showed up in court for Cameron.

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  1. There are murderers, rapists and child molestors who spend far less than ten years in prison, unfortunately.

  2. Have dreams of living in the country and getting out of the rate race? Can’t. Why? Meth dealers and users. You can take off your shoe, throw it in any direction, and it will hit a user/maker of meth out in the bucolic country. Meth users break into homes, commit robberies, and eventually the drug makes them so screwed up they sexually abuse their own children.

  3. HOW DARE YOU! I can’t believe you are writing as if his crime is minor. There are men and women of color in jail for far less of Cameron is accuse of that involves drugs. Janet this is the thinking that get people like him off the hook.

    I am EXTREMELY disappointed in you? Come must do better!

    HA, victimless crime….you were joking…RIGHT!!!!

  4. Um. Janet DRUGS KILL people. A dealer may as well have shot the customers he sold to. This kid deserves the book thrown at him. How do you know he didn’t sell that Brokeback star his last drugs? No sympathy. sorry.

  5. AND the fact that his Dad is a Gazzillionaire makes it all the more deplorable. He did not even HAVE to go in that direction. He is a spoiled brat – he needs to sit in jail and get a grip on reality.

  6. Drug dealing is a crime. Many people are affected. If he did the crime he needs to do the time. Is it because his daddy is a notable that we should feel sorry for him. If nothing more he should do more time because he had all the advantages and choose to deal drugs. Janet get real

  7. Janet you hyprotical bitch. You were so critical of Michael Vick and wanted to keep him under the bus but you want to give Cameron Douglas a pass. What victimless crime are you referring to? Juarez Mexico is the new Columbia with many innocent people dying daily being caught in the crossfire. Whatever punishment he gets he deserves it. If you don’t want the time then don’t do the crime.

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