“Groundhog Day” is one of our all time favorite movies, but we’re not the least bit surprised that Bill Murray’s long suffering wife Jennifer filed for divorce. It’s a miracle the marriage lasted for ten years – and four children, no less! Jennifer accused Bill of being addicted to booze, drugs, and sex, as well as being abusive, cheating on her, and abandoning the family. We BELIEVE it all! Murray, who is noted for “aging badly,” announced awhile back that he was “retired” so producers and fans would leave him alone. (He figured he could work when he wanted to like Jay-Z) He filled his free time by traveling solo to golf tournaments all over the world and partying like a madman. He drank college kids under the table at an all night soiree in Scotland and he was arrested in Sweden for driving a golf cart drunk. (photo above) In the worst possible sense, Jennifer became a GOLF WIDOW. Jennifer is set to collect 7 million from the prenup, but we do feel sorry for the kids.



  1. Women or men that marry party whores, get what they paid (or didnt pay) for.

  2. I feel sorry for the kids too, but think of all the untold millions of single mothers that have very little income. At least these kids will hardly want for anything. Bill Murray has always been a rather unattractive cheater and booze hound.

  3. Wifey and kids are much better off without him. She deserves at least 10 Mil$. He is a raunchy hound.

  4. He should have stayed with the wife. He is no catch. Not good looking and his broke ass hasnt made a movie in years. the money he had went to women drugs and booze.. loser

  5. I’m surprised Clapton didn’t offer his services to him in terms of cleaning himself up.
    Maybe Clapton wasn’t forceful enough, to make his point or may not have know about his problem.
    Janet, why don’t put together a list of these booze hounds and post them, so as to save others marriages. Course, if you did we wouldn’t have anything to talk about.
    I suppose, that might actually be a bad idea in the fact that these celebrities make the world aware of the destruction alcoholism does to marriages.
    Imagine – Bill Murray one of these days a counselor at drug rehab center.
    No doubt, his kids will abstain from getting into drugs and booze if he can get there first.

  6. He definitely needs to work on his guitar playing abilities, no doubt he needs to switch over to a Gibson… or to a Roland and learn how to play the piano.
    Give ole Winwood some competition.

  7. I never liked him even way back when he was on Saturday Night Live.

  8. Even when he was fairly young he looked old and worn out. Good riddance, never liked him, 3rd rate actor.

  9. Every book written about Saturday night live said he was a moody, mean drunk.

  10. Do you remember Chris Farley ?
    Has loads of money, women and drugs… Wonder if tomorrow we’ll read about this guy showing up dead ?
    Wonder what this guy knows about cotton farming, I’m surprise this guy hasn’t cut a blues or a jazz album…. Wonder if he could be a white George Benson ?

  11. That’d be so cool, for a guy like Bill Murray to turn his life around as a comedian and become a jazz man.
    He could play at the Playboy Mansion, so long as he only drinks water and his a gentlemen.

  12. Janet, how could you possibly like “Groundhog Day”? Are you joking? How about the brillant “Lost in Translation”? Cmon…Murray is a comedic genius.

  13. The last three movies BM made were raved and cheered by the big reviewers as “Oscar” material. So I take my money and rented one. It was aweful; I mean really stupid and boring with BM’s acting as drone and dry as can be. Why do the critics like this creep?

  14. comedians are almost always tortured souls, i’m sure she knew what a hound he was when s he married him, it’s been no secret. too bad she decided to have 4 kids with an unstable, drug and booze addicted guy

  15. he drove through Charlottesville Va once and stopped at one of the local college bars. He loved the attention but he was very non committal as to why he was in town and where he was going…he was strange.

  16. Bill is a great actor and some men are meant to stay married and dullards at home.

  17. Photo above? That doesn’t look like he is being arrested or driving a golf cart. There is always something about your posts that are wrong. Whether it’s little mistakes like that or the whole story is wrong. Get it together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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