At last the truth comes out. An acquaintance of Reese and Jake acknowledges that they were very smitten with each other for quite awhile and seemed perfectly matched. Unfortunately, Jake had a habit that Reese could not live with, and he wouldn’t give it up. He smoked way too much. And we’re not talking nicotine here. Not only did it rub Reese the wrong way, but she worried about her children being exposed to his bad habits. So, regretfully, she moved on. Note: those of you who insist that Jake is gay are NUTS.


  1. One, how do you know he’s not gay, Janet?

    Two, what does it say about Reese, assuming it’s true about his drug habit, that she stayed with him so long putting her kids at risk? Doesn’t exactly put her in the best of light.

  2. ……………he was just acting like one.

  3. Jake was seen in New York buying Reese pretty flowered antique dinnerware sets in order to win her back. Now that’s sensitivity!

  4. Helluva actor in “Brokeback Mountain”…Yeah, helluva ACTOR. Such good acting, you’d think it was real.

  5. Well, Janet. To quote Tom Hardy, star in Inception, “Of course I have had gay sex, I’m an actor”!! See Huffington Post for more details.

  6. Baloney! Ryan Phillippe is a notorious pot smoker and there have been many pictures published of him smoking pot.

    The relationship between Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon was a contract. Sooooo many of these Hollywood types have contracts that require them to appear to be in relationships. WAKE UP!!!!

  7. No straight man is seen buying antique dinner services. He may send an assistant or personal shopper, but definitely not go himself.

    “Sensitive”, like “artistic”, is just a euphemism for GAY!

    And, the whole pot thing sounds a perfect smoke-screen – it makes Jake seem a bad bad boy, and it bring to mind one of the straightest actors in Hollywood, Matthew Mcconaughey.

  8. “Methinks thou doth protest too much”….William Shakespeare

  9. Ryan was the father of her children so of course she staid with him as long as possible. There is a difference between Daddy Pot head and BF pothead.

    Jake does smoke pot, has since he was dating Jenny Lewis and Dunst. Look at his blood-shot eyes next time, it ain’t from allergies and contacts.

  10. Janet, you are a sucker without a clue. Hope you got compensated well to float the BS story. “He smoked way too much”

    He smoked way to much pole, is more like it.

  11. Haha, that brings back memories.

    Matthew McBongoDrums!! (Back when McConaughey and Sandra Bullock both lived in Austin, TX, he had a penchant for getting drunk/stoned and playing bongo drums naked, I think outside so all the neighbors could “appreciate” — they appreciated the police right onto him)

  12. Hi Janet

    How do you know he is not gay, Janet?

    I thought he was Toothy Tile!!!!!

  13. Everyone with a brain could see that Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon were faking a relationship.

  14. P.S. Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon never lived together.

  15. I don’t think that anyone really believe that Jake and Reese were ever a real couple. He will always be “Toothy Tile” (courtesty of Ted Casablanca) in the back of our minds.

    I like both Jake and Reese as actors. Perhaps one day Jake will feel comfortable coming out. He probably doesn’t now because he wouldn’t be as bankable in Hollywood.

  16. Cheap-ass Gyllenhaal did live with Reese, saved $$$ and “subleted” his place in HH until she kicked him to the curb. He did the same thing when he dated Drunkst.

    Stayed with her in Ojai as well, he barely stayed at his own place but let friends stay there and pay him monthly rent.

    He got that cheap habit from his tacky parents, a lot of good it did them, they are broke now.

    Jake is immature and needs to be the focus iof attention or else.

  17. I say good riddance then because you would definitely need to be high to deal with that uptight b*tch, this girl is the biggest hypocrite in Hollywood I dont buy that ‘holier than thou’ image for one second

  18. This is in no way dispositive of the question of his gayness.

  19. If you say so Janet,

    just one problem….he ADMITTED to having homo urges.

  20. Ted C + Toothy Tile = delusional.

    Whoever believes his blinds must be smoking the good stuff. I think Jakey swings both ways. Really, who cares if he likes boys. If he came out what would that do for you? Live and let live.

    Reese was married to the biggest stoner, so I call bullshit on Janet’s story. Reese was with Jake for a long time so I don’t buy that “looking out for the kids” crap. You attract what you are, so attracting these stoners says lots about her. Anon 1, I agree, Reese is full of shit.

  21. I think Janet knows full well Jake and Reese were a complete PR sham (we sure as hell knew!) and she’s either being fed a line or she’s running this for more webhitz. I mean, who was caring until this moment when she had to bring it up again?

    Either way it blows. Jake is very likely leaning guys, he and Reese and maybe even Dunst were PR coups and I won’t be back here for another 100 years.

  22. Anon1, agree. Reese is one of the least likable people in Hollywood.

    One thing that pisses me off is when a celeb, or his/her camp, play the celeb as above it all because of being so intelligent. All these stars who went to ivy league schools, or were on their way to becoming doctors or engineers, or who fly planes. Give me a break. In the end they became whores, selling themselves for money.

  23. Jake is a Fake, and he has ‘the look’ that quee…I mean gays looove, kinda feminine looking. And as for Reese, well, she has a long pointy chin, she always turns sideways in pics so it will be less noticeable.

    They well represent all of Tinseltown – full of phony baloney.

  24. Haha, “Drunkst!” That’s clever. Interesting info, thanks for posting

    Re: more-educated-than-thou celebs — yeah, all that kind of PR crap bugs me.

    Once in a while I’ll find a celeb that seems refreshingly honest. Dolph Lundgren actually got a Master’s in Chemical Engineering in Australia and got a Fullbright scholarship to MIT (although I don’t think he went).

    But in everything I have seen he is down to earth and treats people like people and knows how to have a good laugh about the business.

    I don’t know if Miles O’Keeffe is educated or not, but he seems to also have a great sense of humour about it, and about his roles in particular (and, speaking of gay??)

  25. This is by far the most homophobic site there is. it amazes me! I don’t give a shit if the man is gay, but I don’t for a second believe he is. It’s rediculous to think a person would have relationship after relationship with females only in order to fool people. You know who I think is gay and you guys never get on HIM about it, is Keanu Reeves, who never seems to be seen with women, hasn’t married, etc. Kinda suspicious to me. But no, you people pick out the men who have girlfriends, wives, fiances, one after another and swear they are gay like you KNOW something, which indeed you CANNOT KNOW unless you are THERE when the guy is getting it on with another fellow, or he has TOLD YOU! How would YOU like someone trying to ruin YOUR life by saying something like that about you? You people need to think about what you are doing and saying about people you don’t even know, with your stupid “gaydar”!

  26. The REAL reason they broke up is that the bearding contract finally ended. Not only is Jake being a “pot head” laughable, but it took Reese 2 1/2 years to figure out he was one and that it would be a bad influence on her kids? Guess she’s not the brightest tool in the shed either. And Janet you know he’s not gay because how? Because Reese’s PR would rather pay you to run a ridiculous story like this, than have people think she bearded for a gay guy because she was desperate to not look like a loser because her husband finally dumped her? Hope Reese’s CAA PR team paid you alot of cash to allow yourself to sound so stupid in print.

  27. Yeah and George Clooney isn’t gay either. Every relationship seems to involve some sort of “scandal” about the woman, and then he dumps her, until the next beard. This is 2010, do we really care who is gay or not. They still act like it was Rock Hudson’s era.

  28. reta, you have some point. but lavendar marriages and relationships are NOT uncommon in hwood.

    keanu, mah boo, has been seen out with women (although not often SO WHAT), but he is so low key and hates the paps. we don’t know who he invites to his gated comm home??

    the consensus of the peeps i know in the entertainment biz is that he is bisexual. what if he has a low sex drive, and sex isn’t a big deal for him?

    that said, i don’t care what CONSENTING adults do.

  29. Reta,

    I so agree wtih you. Why would he play a gay character if he is trying to hide his sexuality? I would think he would stay as far away from those roles as possible. And these so called people with friends in the showbiz industry are full of it.

  30. I thought this was a great couple when they were first together, then I read about and saw how radical his family was. I started to think she’s not going marry this guy and she didn’t. He’s probably a nice guy and that’s not enough to base a family on. She’s a smart cookie.

  31. Reta, there you go again. One is not homophobic for pointing out that someone is probably gay, particularly when call is made not because the alleged homosexual is camp, but because of the ridiculous lengths to which he is obviously going to cover up his sexual preference.

    Anyway, the world would be a far less homophobic place if all the rich celebs who were gay came out. After all, the Hollywood crowd is so proud of being liberal and progressive. Don’t you think it is time they put their money where their mouth is…regardless of where their mouth has been.

  32. Who cares if he’s gay? If he came out and said he was what will it do for you? How will it make your life any more different than it is now? He could be bi or he could be asexual or shit he may have unsavory proclivities toward inanimate objects. Either way that’s his problem and it shouldn’t effect public perception of him as an actor.

    And why should he come out? Heterosexuals don’t have to come out so why should homosexuals have to. Maybe his friends and family know who he is and that’s all that matters.

    Reta, with this matter you and I are on the same wavelength.

  33. Sebastian: don’t give celebs that much power. Many have come out and have lost roles due to their sexual preference. Hollywood is one of the most homophobic places on earth.

  34. Sometimes I think most of the people posting on this site are senior citizens.

    How can be here, reading and commenting on celebrity gossip, and not think celebs have some power to affect public opinion. If it had not been for celebs like Elton John, Boy George Melissa Etheridge, etc., etc., gay rights would not be where it is today, Just as the lives and actions of Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt, Sidney Poiter, and all their brothers and sisters, had an impact on civil rights.

    As for heterosexuals not coming out – that is a ridiculous statement. They come out every day.

  35. Sebastian how do I come out every day? And I’m not a senior citizen. I just feel you shouldn’t bully any person into disclosing anything about their sexuality unless they want to. Furthermore, you’re making assumptions that certain celebs are gay.

    Closeted homosexuals in Hollywood usually don’t come out because they’re advised not to. Many many actors have reiterated this sentiment. I’m not saying it’s ok, but it’s just how the game’s played. Celebs are people. Stop making them into gods. They don’t control public perception. Jake coming out wouldn’t inspire a bigot to accept homosexuality.

  36. Hollywood is built on fantasy, and Jake is clearly Janet’s. Leave her alone 😉

  37. Jake is in his 30s now. No offense, but Janet coming to his defense out of the blue like this, well, it just isn’t the type of thing that happens to truly straight full grown men. Just sayin’

  38. Sally, I am not making celebs into Gods. Uhm, have you read my posts? Any of them? I generally consider them retarded whores with money.

    But many a person – granted, maybe simple person – is inspired by a celebrity. A celebrity who has already amassed, say, $50 million dollars, could well afford to come out of the closet. In doing so, he could open a few minds. No, he will not be responsible for a raving homophobe marching in a Gay Pride parade, but he can be the cause of a gay couple being able to go to a prom.

    And, heterosexuals come out everyday, when they hold hands and kiss in public, talk openly about their partners (without fear of discrimination, or even violence), and make lewd comments – in public – about celebrities, or attractive people, of the opposite sex without a second thought.

    As a woman you should have some understanding of the gay-in-a-straight-world dynamic. A woman does not negotiate the world with the sense of entitlement a man does. Every day is Man’s day, and that is why we place greater evidence on, for example, Mother’s Day.

  39. (But many a person – granted, maybe simple person – is inspired by a celebrity. A celebrity who has already amassed, say, $50 million dollars, could well afford to come out of the closet. In doing so, he could open a few minds. No, he will not be responsible for a raving homophobe marching in a Gay Pride parade, but he can be the cause of a gay couple being able to go to a prom.)

    A celeb coming out of the closet won’t open a few minds. They can’t change a conservative mind frame. Only the person can change his/her mind frame. A celeb can promote films and clothing, but can’t do much when it comes to people perceptions about sexual preferences.

    A gay couple wanting to go to a prom is not up to celebrity influence. It’s up to the school board. Remember the Constance McMillen fiasco? Despite support from many celebs, she still didn’t change her school’s mind about letting her attend prom with her girlfriend. Remember Prop 8 fiasco, celebs couldn’t influence the votes of several voters.

    Sebastian I get what you’re trying to say and, yes, I read your post. You clearly state that a celeb could have a positive influence if they admitted their homosexuality. I don’t really think that’s your place to determine that. That’s up to the celeb in question.

  40. P.S. I do have an understanding of what it’s like to be a gay-man-in-a-straight world. My brother’s gay.

  41. Well, him and RYAN PHILIPPE had some fun together, u know what I mean, but of course that doesnt make JAKE or RYAN gay.

  42. Janet, Reta’s the only one who’s not NUTS!
    Reta, you are finally vindicated for all time. Your word is gold.

  43. {Sometimes I think most of the people posting on this site are senior citizens.}

    i do too.

    BTW RETA, keanu’s bio dad abandoned him, so i am sure that this prevents him from having lasting relationships at one time. parental abandonment, not giving a kid up for adoption, creates probs for even the best of us.

    i am hopeful that he has overcome this.

  44. I don’t know what to think of this because if it was intended to squelch the rumors, it’s had just the opposite effect – throwing gasoline on the topic of ‘Is Jake gay or not?’ The story is all over the web with people debating it on just about every gossip site. I recommend Janet stick to just reporting the gossip from now on, and leave the image management issues to professionals who know what they’re doing.

  45. Sally, I do not think I could state my case RE celebs coming out any more simply or clearly. They CAN influence people here and there, and have an impact, if only gradual, on public perception.

    As for the prom example, it is not just the school board. Students and their parents can persuade the board and have policy changed. This happened in the Toronto area several years ago. The students overwhelmingly wanted to allow gay couples to go to the prom. Why? Teenage girls are influenced by the media (Will & Grace was huge at this point, as was SATC), and teenage boys want to impress teenage girls.

  46. Sally, one more thing.

    Using your logic, any man can say he know what PMS is like because he has a wife/girlfriend, mother, sister.

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