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When Phil Spector had to check his wig at the jail entrance and Paris Hilton had to surrender her hair extensions, we figured Lindsay Lohan would be forced to give up her fake hair when she checked into jail. She DIDN’T, and jail officials were accused of giving her preferential treatment. Jailers responded that Lindsay‘s extensions were permanently attached to the roots of her hair while Paris’s extensions were clip-ons (her own brand DreamCatchers) and Spector’s hair was not attached to his head either. And we were SO looking forward to seeing Lindsay’s natural hair….. Apparently eyelash extensions are not an issue in jail.


  1. If everyone is lucky the little witch with manufacture a noose with her fake hair and take a ride…

  2. Apparently being broke Lindsay had enough money to get a boob job. Looking good!

  3. Regardless of the technical reasons, of course they could not force Lindsay to remove her hair extensions, they are 75% of her personality. And those flotation devise under her chin are the other 25%.

  4. Why does this woman never suffer any consequences? If it were anyone else the guards would grab a scissor and cut them out of the person’s head while they screamed and pleaded. She must be blowing a few guards or something.

  5. Why is this news? Stop giving this brat publicity, Janet. Stop contributing to the Lohan lunacy. I’m so sick of her and her family.

  6. I think Lohan is the anti-It Girl It Girl. She is not pedigree (like Paris Hilton), made her own money acting and now does nothing but make headlines and get into trouble. She is the ultimate American phenomena – a super success and then failure before the age of thirty.

  7. Meanwhile hundreds of young people are giving their lives in the war in Iraq. Stop giving this drug addicted idiot press, she doesn’t deserve a second of it. Her career has been over for a long time.

  8. Well said Palermo! Such wanton decadence is obscene at the best of times, but when both a war and recession are being fought, it is a disgrace.

  9. …and now she’s trying to negotiate getting out of going to rehab 24 hours after leaving jail. she wants more ‘family time’ after jail. like its HER decision to decide when to go to rehab. This chick will never hit bottom, never learn her lesson, will always be told she’s special, she’s better than the rest of us because its her MOTHER that is causing this attitude. I still wish they’d all just go the hell away.

  10. The way that Lindsay is going, her looks will fade fast, and – with a resume that stops at 2004 – she will finally have to face reality.

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