The Kardashian sisters and their manager mom Kris have taken their 14 year old half sister Kendall Jenner (above with Kim) and turned her into another Kardashian pinup girl. Kris has observed that her daughters are money in the bank. They’re more profitable than Paris Hilton in her prime. The heck with education – get her in front of the cameras! A trip to the salon for Kardashian extensions was Kendall’s first stop. She got the Kardashian eye makeup painted on and was fitted for a bikini. The resulting photo shoot (above) shows her transformation from sweet looking teenager to Kardashian Sister.



  1. She’s the prettiest one. What are Bruce and Chris thinking to let her pose like that? Seems they just want more money. Sad.

  2. Mom: she’s not just my mother, she’s my best friend…and my pimp!

  3. Why not let her have a childhood? When her sisters became famous they were well over 18 and I guess you could say had somewhat of a normal youth. Why corrupt this 14-year-old to act like her much older sisters?

  4. I don’t know who watches their shows, buys their products, or otherwise puts money into the pockets of this family. It’s really disgusting, especially that they’re now pimping out a 14 year old child.

  5. rewrite your first sentence Janet…

    “The Kardashian sisters and their manager mom Kris have taken their 14 year old half sister Kendall Jenner (above with Kim) and turned her into another whore”.

    That’s more like it.

  6. She’s gorgeous!

    Geez, 14. She looks older, to me, in both pictures. If she’s going the model/fame route, I hope it’s because she wants to and isn’t being forced by the family(?)

    Haha, Bruce Jenner looks like such a space alien these days that I forgot he used to be good-looking.

  7. Yes, the girl chose this for herself. I don’t know tho why any of them need hair extensions, being Armenian I think they automatically have a natural head of thick hair already, so I don’t know why they would need anything added to it. I don’t think this is even true. All the women have had long hair for a long time now, so I think it’s their own hair that they’ve grown out.
    The other youngest girl is very attractive as well and will probably follow into modeling soon too I would think. These two youngest ones, being Bruce’s girls have the long legs and height from him which will benefit modeling. I don’t see anything wrong with them being models. They can earn a living and support themselves, and there is certainly no reason why they shouldn’t do it. I just hope their parents make sure they do get an education as well. It’s the brother that I wonder about, he doesn’t seem to have anything going on and is living with Kloe and her new husband which isn’t too healthy for newlyweds I would think.

  8. PS…I remember when Elvis’ granddaughter went into modeling when she was a young teen and no one seemed to say anything about it. I wonder why there is such a backlash against this families girls doing it?

  9. The two younger Jenner girls have already been seen on television using the stripper pole their mother/pimp has in her bedroom. I’m sure the plan is to turn her into the next Kim. I wonder which C list celebrity’s brother will urinate on her in a sex tape when she turns 18.

  10. Do the parents do anything to actually earn money themselves, or are they just living off the kids?

  11. The problem is really Kris Jenner and no one else. She’s a money hungry and attention seeking freak that’s totally out of control. My biggest thought is where will this family be in 10 years.

  12. …when Paris Hilton was in her prime! Love it!

  13. …is anyone surprised this family is pimping out their 14yr old daughter? if they had an 8 yr old daughter, she’d be out there too. its all about the cash, and not about being smart. still makes me cringe.

  14. There is a very narrow window in which it is relatively acceptable to put one’s child out there, AND you can control them because they are still minors. Lindsay’s mother came to understand this, as had the Kardashian’s mom.

  15. …….this is much better than a prudish non/american.

  16. Enuff to say that there’s that idiotic “show” called TODDLERS&TIARAS, why wonder about KENDALL JENNER or TAYLOR MOMSEN? This is the world weve made, folks…

  17. Wow. Simply These parents are poster models for “HOW NOT TO PARENT IF YOU WANT TO RAISE A MORALLY FIT CHILD.”
    Nothing “manager” Kris does surprises me anymore- All under the guise of guiding her daughters careers.
    I wonder what the biological fathers family think of her mentoring ? I can guess…..

  18. I am not condoning this phenomena – of pimping out your kids to the entertainment/media world – but it is related to an economic reality, two which there are two points:

    1) Everything is product, including people. If you can package a person and make money of him or her, do so. It is the way of the world, and may be the only opportunity all involved have to make good money.

    2)Get the money while you can (remember the 15 minutes of fame). The shelf life of any product or potential product may be very short. This is more the case when dealing with a child actor/model/whatever. Take advantage of every opportunity.

    After the life I have led, I have to say if I had a child and was told it could be a model or actor, I would jump at the chance. Far better than having it go to university and then be perpetually under-employed and poor.

  19. Attention all: XYZ is Captain america is Gerard Vandenburg…just thought you’d like to know. This is for sure, no doubt.

  20. I remember the name Gerald Vandenburg and it was everywhere.

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