Not EVERYONE is happy with Taylor Swift’s blossoming romance with Travis Kelce, and one person who’s on that list is Travis’s close friend (and teammate) Patrick Mahomes. Ever since she started dating Travis, Taylor has taken Patrick’s wife, Brittany, under her wing and introduced her to her A-list pals. In a few short weeks Brittany has gone from being a stay-at-home mom and football wife to painting the town red with Taylor and her fancy friends. My source observed that Patrick isn’t exactly thrilled. Here’s why. All the girls in Taylor’s posse are accomplished in various fields, including entertainment, modeling, and entrepreneurship, and now Brittany is second guessing HER life’s goals. Since she and Patrick were high school sweethearts, she’s never gotten to do much of anything for her own career.  Being around Taylor and her group of independent women has sparked something in Brittany. My source says Patrick loves the woman he married, but fears she’s quickly morphing into someone else.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA:  Patrick Mahomes (L) and Justin Timberlake (middle)and Travis Kelce (R) teamed up to play golf at the Lake Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament last year



  1. Taylor is off on tour to South America. How will Ticketmaster and the NFL manage the fake relationship? A teary breakup followed up with a revenge song?

  2. Being around Taylor and her group of independent women has sparked something in Brittany? Do you think it could be her libido? Taylor seemed to have the same influence on all the Victoria Secret models when she gave her 4th of July parties at her Rhode Island mansion. Looks like the guys are left waiting in the shadows while all the girls are experiencing an awakening of new emotions.

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