Since we can remember, women have been tormented by the image of size zero models and encouraged to look like them. It makes sense that eventually MEN would suffer the same fate. One of the biggest mannequin manufacturers located in the UK , the Rootstein company, has introduced their latest model – a male dummy with a 27 inch waist (and a Mohawk.) The new mannequins are perfect for displaying skinny jeans for men and tight little jackets. Anorexia and bulemia organizations are protesting to no avail. Stores windows will be filled with these new skinny boys.

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12 thoughts on “THE NEW LOOK FOR GUYS: SKINNY!


  2. I’d rather sleep with a fat guy than somebody that looks like that. Men are supposed to be big and strong.

  3. Clearly these models are shaking up the establishment – as who’d ever dream of being thin and healthy.

    No doubt the potato chip manufacturers are sweating, if this trend ever caught on.

    Say isn’t that the San Francisco look, anyway – which with their massively high rents, gee little wonder why anybody would want to live in the downtown area as they could hop on BART and be just about anywhere in the area…

    Anybody know if they’re expanding BART reach toward the south or to the east ?

  4. This is just another smokescreen to promote faggots, queers, fairies, gays, whatever you want to call them. Old pervert fag men prefer their conquests to be slim and lean. Homos need to repent and go to that program that helps them turn straight (can’t think of the name of the program). This is not a message of hate, because Jesus Himself said he loves the sinner but hates the sin.

    BTW, this pic is a mannequin, you can see where the arm is attached. This is really pitiful that this is happening as there will be a lot of health problems if fools heed the message of “it’s cool to be skinny”.

  5. Years ago guys were skinny, not this much , but the age of the fat pig is recent.

  6. Dandy Lion you homophobic pig…DUH…Janet SAID it was a mannaquin in HER POST DUH!!! Just HOW STUPID ARE YOU? And I think YOU are really the “queer” because you sure do sdeem to be obscessed with them and know a lot about them. Maybe you and Cap’n Crazy can get together and orgy yourselves into oblivion! What a couple of colossal dunces!

  7. Reta, You are right that Janet did say this is a mannequin and I did not read it correctly. My bad.

  8. This is going to get men to look like this. Most men want to have meat on their bodies and this is not it.

  9. I’m a 6 foot 125 lb’er and can eat more then somebody weighing over 300 lbs easily, I know because i’ve done it countless times. Tried working out, going on weight gain systems and always eating….. omg ALWAYS eating. Very self conscience about it. Almost all my friends are jealous, (which I don’t get), because they can’t lose weight. I’m 37 years, and have always been this way. Am I wrong to think there is something wrong with me? Because it is hard as hell to pick up women….

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