Kristin Cavallari’s latest boyfriend, hockey player Mike Comrie, might not be thrilled to hear that she’s not exactly sitting at home waiting for his call. Kristin split from Brody Jenner at the end of summer and started dating Mikea few weeks ago. Comrie plays for the Phoenix Coyotes and he spends a lot of time on the road. What’s a girl to do? Kristin was seen at Hyde cuddling up to Sean Stewart ( he’s Rod Stewart’s kid.) Either the mouse is playing while the cat’s away, or Kristin has decided it’s just not fun to be a hockey widow.

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19 thoughts on “THE CAT'S AWAY

  1. Who cares????? Aren’t there any stories about real people who actually contribute something to society?

  2. If he’s a hockey player and plays for Phoenix, then he’s with the Coyotes, NOT our basketball team.
    Good grief, please pay attention to the details and don’t be so sloppy.

  3. First, that’s what you get when you date an actress or anyone in hollywood. These are children in adult bodies. They have no concept of how to have a relationship. All they are good at is memorizing lines and changing characters. It’s why they go through boy/girlfriends so quickly. These people are facades that only hide shallow souls.
    It’s why they turn to drugs and alcohol because they hate who they are and are more comfortable acting like someone else.
    And the hockey guy has been checked in the head too many times to be dating this bimbo or just using her to fuck her in the ass, pussy and mouth so he can go back and tell his buddies he scored a hat trick on her.

  4. sloppy reporting.
    The Suns are a basketball team.
    how many other of your stories have the wrong facts?

  5. Interesting post Bart.
    “First, that’s what you get when you date an actress or anyone in hollywood. These are children in adult bodies.”
    Sad but true.

  6. who is this chick anyway? she looks like an average high school cheerleader..

  7. Please get at least the easy facts right. The Coyotes are the team Comrie plays for. And at least Kristin Cavallari isn’t one of his teammates’ wives. It’s not like we haven’t heard of him pulling that before.

  8. The picture is hilarious! She seems a little too excited while applying the lip gloss.

  9. how are the facts wRong you trolls??
    there is NO mention of the SUN=and the team is HOCKEY.
    and besides, Kirsten is NOT ugly, she’s just a no-body.

  10. “bend” this girl over
    You mean guy over the sink.
    He is gayer then a tree full of parrots.

  11. The item seems to have been edited from when it was originally posted. It did mention Comrie being a hockey player and that he played for the Suns. Maybe that’s why the team name is now italicized. That’s what all us “trolls” were talking about.

  12. Kristin Cavallari could be this generation’s Meryl Streep. I just hope she can deal with the stress that comes along with being famous. She’s a huge, huge talent.

  13. That was the funniest comment ever, 3:04. Kristin has as much talent as a turd, which is what she looks like.

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