Last month we reported that Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel and her exboyfriend Milo Ventimiglio, who also played her boyfriend on the show, were trying to patch things up. They split up last July after three and a half years together, but were spotted in September having a romantic dinner at an out of the way Silverlake restaurant. They’ve been keeping their rekindled romance undercover until they feel confident it will last. Things aren’t looking too promising. An observant reader of this site eyeballed the couple on Melrose Avenue having “a heated discussion.” The source said “They both looked upset and Milo seemed really angry with Alexis. (They had no shopping bags) He was yelling at her and people were staring but nobody dared approached them.” Time will tell.

17 thoughts on “HEATED DISCUSSION

  1. Janet who are these two people? It makes me actually miss gossip on Paris Hilton. What’s next, gossiping about your Aunt Betty? Please limit to REAL stars.

  2. she must be one of those chicks who enjoys being abused by her boyfriend.
    i read on gawker awhile back, he was seen arguing with her in public and during this altercation, he called her a cunt.

  3. Finally, a story about somebody other than Paris, Jessica, and the other “has beens.”
    Thank you, Janet. Some of us really like Alexis and are interested in her. She works, doesn’t hang out in clubs, and doesn’t ho around.
    Thanks, Janet.

  4. I love Alexis… thank you for printing a story on her instead of those “other” idiots that are ALWAYS in the celeb news. Who cares that some nobody thinks she is a “d-list” star?

  5. I like Alexis too nobody knows who she is because she’s not publicity whore.

  6. Hell, I know who Alexis is because she’s a very talented actress working on a hit show for the past 7 years. And she’s done movies. She’s not a publicity whore nor is Milo, who incidentally is one of the stars of Heroes on NBC, which I think is doing well in the ratings.

  7. I love Constantine Maroulis and I am desperately waiting for his TV show.

  8. I’m devastated. Alexis and Milo was this generation’s Hepburn and Tracey. Truly wonderful, wonderful young people. Huge, huge talents both of them.

  9. These two are not d-list actors, they are rising stars and i hope that they work through there issues.

  10. please keep us posted. I hope they get back together, they look so cute! so please update us on this b/c hopefully they’ll work through this. thanks!

  11. please keep us posted. I hope they get back together, they look so cute! so please update us on this b/c hopefully they’ll work through this. thanks!

  12. Yes, Anonymous up at the top, I read that on Gawker as well. This Milo seems like an asshole to me. I’ve read at least two or three things on the couple and how he calls her names and yells at her in public. She’s a beautiful, talented girl who’s on a popular show. Even if she was none of those things, she deserves better.

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