The polar opposite of Kim K and Kanye West are our new favorite newlyweds- the unpretentious Zuckerbergs. Imagine being more interested in your WORK than material status symbols! Priscilla Chan is a billionaire’s wife who has never been seen lugging a $100,000 Kelly bag or wearing Louboutin shoes! She walked down the aisle in a $4,700 dress and her wedding ring cost a paltry $25,000! Their modest wedding featured $7.50 burritos on the menu. She’s no trophy wife or pampered princess – now that Priscilla has earned her medical degree from UC, she plans to work as a pediatrician. Obviously Silicon Valley is producing a whole new breed of brilliant but likeable and admirable billionaires with old-fashioned work ethics. They’re a credit to America.

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  1. Having this kind of dough gives them the freedom to follow their passions. I think it’s great and hope to see them, as a couple, do lots of good works in the future! 🙂

  2. You had me until you mentioned the $4,700 dress and $25,000 wedding ring. That’s a lot of $$$ for most of us peasants. lol 🙂

    Yes, that’s not THAT MUCH considering how much he is worth. Still, 25,000 is still more than a lot of people make in a year.

    I like them as a couple and wish them a long and happy marriage. I like seeming him wear his comfortable jeans and tennis shoes. Money aside, they seem just like the average Joe or Jane couple.

  3. Patrick, I don’t even make that kind of money working the YWCA & senior center on the weekends. lol 🙂

  4. They didn’t tip at two different restaurants in Rome. Although it’s not customary there, you’re a billionaire, do it. They also ate at McDoanlds. Really? And a man who only wears hoodies? They’re nasty and a complete embarrassment.

  5. Oh, so a trophy wife can’t be a physician? Trophy only means brainless blonde with great big tits I guess.

  6. It’s like a ole story with the father, son & donkey. They ride into town, father’s sitting on the donkey, people remark, “How foolish to let a child walk while the father is strong enough.” Another town, son is on the donkey, people sigh, “How inconsiderate for a young boy to have is old, feeble father on the donkey.” Last town both son & father are walking, the village idiots remark, “How could 2 men be walking when they could easily be riding the mule.” Translation? Regardless if you have something or not, not everyone will agree what you do with it. Good for them for keeping it real.

  7. @palermo, I could be wrong but I have always believed a trophy wife was nothing more than just that. Their job is to look good and nothing more. Therefore, Priscilla would not be one since she has brains and a career of her own.

  8. Hopefully they stay modest and keep things in perspective.

  9. And hopefully they understand the good things came because of America and they do not start apologising for slavery and hanging their head for things they were not involved in.

  10. McDonalds in Italy? You haven’t lived. McDonalds in Italy is totally different from anywhere else. Divine. Really. Just as good as a trattoria. Oh, the McDonalds in Verona….I go there in my dreams. Outdoor patio, wine, five kinds of salads, etc., bread, the colliseum in view, the lady selling flowers…

  11. Yes the Jews have carefully crafted his Public persona. Now they have a database of 30 million people.

  12. these sort of people bring back the united states where it belongs………

    ………IN THE SPOTLIGHTS, folks!!

  13. Yeah cheap bastardd didn’t even tip the waiters.

  14. Reverend Headcase,

    ahh it’s too easy, way too easy….

  15. Yes, Mark is kind of a breath of fresh air. He’s rather Steve Jobs-ish in that way. But let’s keep things in perspective. He just paid around $7 million for his house in Palo Alto’s most expensive zip code… just a few blocks from the equally “modest” Jobs abode and a stones-throw from various Googleites. I guess estate collections (ala Larry Ellison) are considered old-school. Not to mention car collections–I just read that Zuckerberg drives an old Acura. Cool!

  16. I like them! I can’t stand the Kardashian’s, the family with no talents and nothing to offer the world. This couple are a credit to the human race. Stop all the hating people, jeesh!

  17. Money can’t buy happiness and that expensive junk you mention is just that in no time..

  18. There is something to be said about elevating substance(the Zuckerbergs) over “style”(Kim K and D-bag West). Lets also remember that he gifted about $1 million (?) to the Trenton NJ school system. And Kim K. paid (allegedly) $2 for the ring for the fake engagement.

    No contest here.

  19. Hmmm, was it just a coincidence that as soon as he left Country Facebook shares collapsed.

  20. But what if…what if she gets into that bad dope that’s going around down there!
    And EATS his face off!!

  21. It’s nice to see that someone with so much money doesn’t splash it around on EVERYthing. If he has an obsenely expensive house, OK. Mark and Priscilla seem like ordinary folk who just happen to be loaded. People should just leave them alone and let them live their lives.

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