Finally got around to seeing Being the Ricardos and now we understand why the reviews are so varied. It’s all the fault of writer/director Aaron Sorkin. There’s no doubt he’s an intelligent and skillful writer, BUT he lacks empathy, and like most male writers, should NOT be writing female characters. His female characters behave and speak just like men and other women cannot identify with them. Nicole Kidman’s Lucy was impossible to even LIKE, much less love. (Was anybody else bothered by Lucy using the F word so frequently? in 1952, yet!) The film revealed NOTHING about her personality or private life that would make viewers connect with her. The actors in the film did a valiant job, especially with the lines they were given. Sorkin also jammed too many storylines and incidents into “one week” of Lucy and Desi’s life.The film not only made us not love Lucy but it made us wonder if Lucie Arnaz, who approved this film, suffered during her childhood and wanted to punish her mother with this…

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  1. This movie was so miscast that Kidman and Bardem were not at all believable.

  2. I love all things Lucy, but was very disappointed with the film. In many ways. There was so much more they could have done

  3. Lucille Ball was a very hateful person. The stories of her abusive and cruel behavior have been around for years. Sad, because she was such a talented person, but a disaster in her relationships, both professional and personal.

  4. Was the, “call girl” part of her very early life included in the film?

  5. I Love Lucy is the single most overrated show in TV history!
    There were about 4 plots, repeated over & over.
    When Lucy sold the scripts to Debbie Reynolds years later for Debbie’s NBC show, people realized just how bad the show really was, as the show was a massive flop.

  6. I soooo wanted to like this, but after 45 minutes, I just couldn’t take it anymore and turned it off. Dumb mistakes bugged me as well. For instance, the show was NEVER taped, but was filmed. And the word showrunner hadn’t even been invented in 1952. Not to mention the DARK photography and overall GRIMNESS of the entire thing. Lucie Arnaz said the way her parents were depicted was spot-on, though, although she added that the story itself was not accurate.

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