Steven Tyler REALLY didn’t like photos taken of him on the beach in Hawaii. He went so far as to ask a senator there to sponsor legislation making it a civil violation if people take unwanted photos or videos of others without permission. The Aerosmith singer owns a million dollar home in Maui and hates seeing unflattering pics of himself splashed all over magazines. Senate members approved the “Steven Tyler bill” to protect celebrities, and now it goes to the House for voting, where clearer heads are expected to prevail.



  1. He has abused his body for years. He is well passed middle age. It’s time for a shirt and actual swim trunks. Have you seen his feet? That picture made me gag.

    He is lucky he looks this good.

  2. Maybe if he wore his mankini top he wouldn’t be so sensitive!

  3. damnit, I told him so many times, WEAR A BRA WHILE SWIMMING!!

  4. I only hope I can get that image out of my mind! I always knew he was ugly, but I had no idea!

  5. In other words, he doesn’t want anyone to see he’s getting old.

  6. The Steven Tyler bill is a good idea. Then, we won’t have to see these pictures! Yuk

  7. are you serious?? really?? with the cluster fuck of a mess this country is in this is what these ______’s in government are doing?? really??
    this is a joke right??
    fine by me the public needs a “OW MY EYES” bill passed to protect US from any more pictures like THAT hot mess……

  8. I’ve been told that boobs like this on older men are seen on those who have smoked A LOT of weed in their younger days… true.

  9. Seriously, him and that model that stoled jewelry and her cc denied look like twins.

  10. Oh boy,he looks like middle aged lesbian.Please cover up those titts.

  11. Steve must love his milk cheese and meat. All the hormones and crap they feed to animals are shown to effect hormones levels in ppl. Please Steve Go Vegan or get a good training bra!

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