Kelsey Grammer’s new wife Kayte Walsh shouldn’t be too impressed with the fact that he had her name tattooed on his hip. Certainly he did it as a symbol that their love is “forever,” but his previous fickle behavior tells it all. Kelsey is the kind of guy who falls HARD for a woman and sweeps her off her feet – bragging about how WONDERFUL she is and buying gifts. It’s all very flattering. But with every one of his past wives and companions he has done a sudden and shocking about-face. One morning he wakes up and just doesn’t love her any more! (Jeff Goldblum is the same type) This abrupt change is a terrible jolt to the female involved. Maybe Kelsey wanted to make Kayte feel secure by getting that tattoo, but it IS small and very easy to erase.



  1. I personally think it is a case of coat tailing. The wife(at least in Camille’s case) is letting the money and power of her husband, go to their heads.

    Kelsey married Camille when she was a gold-digging nobody, now, because of him, she thinks she’s a high falluting, somebody. That got to be a buzz kill for any man!

    This new wife should take note, ASAP!

  2. He should have had a warning label tattooed on his forehead.

  3. Denise is right. I think he has a real temper too. Good luck to her for the few months it will last.

  4. As an actor, I loved Grammar as Frasier. It was one of my favorite shows. They had excellent actors and amazing writers on that show.

    I am not being mean here but my gut instinct is that Grammar is gay (my opinion of course). Anytime I have seen him on a talk show or interviewed on the red carpet, he comes off as feminine to me.

    I don’t care one way or the other because I like him as a actor. As a person, I don’t think he is very likable or particularly happy.

  5. i’ve always gotten a strong gay vibe from him too. maybe he’s always hated the gay side of himself. and when the relationship got flaccid with camille, he decided to try his penis on a very young female. my ex did that. but in the end, they’re just closeted old guys whose little blue pills eventually stop working–no matter who they’re with (girl or boy).

  6. I think none of us know what goes on behind closed doors but a lot of us like to act as though we have inside information…I hope Kelsey is as happy as Camille claims to be…

  7. @Strom, LOL!!! You finally came out LOL.

    I like Frazier’s golddigger, she has balls. Thus far she’s refused the obligatory nosejob/tit job. His tatt must be temporary! Gawd knows he can’t keep it in his pants and he wears dresses.

  8. At least they get to live high off the hog and get great settlements(except for the stripper years ago..she got hosed).

  9. That is one homely women. What was he thinking? He’s a pig anyway. Team Camille.

  10. There is no free lunch. She will earn every penny she squeezes out of him. Hope she has a good prenup. Or crank out a kid or three and he’s on the hook again.

  11. this behaviour from an adult man is seen by his colleages as a sort of “Jim Arey Comedy Show”, folks.

  12. If I were her, I would be cringing at this photo, as I do not think it a very flattering photo of her face. But she looks happy, guess that is the main thing.

  13. Well why wouldnt she be “happy”.. airline stewardess or Mooch off of Kelsey?… Both are a huge sacrifice. He is a narcissist. May that girl is homely. Woof.

  14. Well why wouldnt she be “happy”.. airline stewardess or Mooch off of Kelsey?… Both are a huge sacrifice. He is a narcissist. Man that girl is homely. Woof.

  15. Sorry to be hateful, but I can’t help it. It looks like the bottom half of her face has been chopped off at the sides, and she def needs a nose job. I think she is knocked up with twins, so if she can hang on to him a little while longer, the more $$$ she gets, I guess. (is that how it works). 🙁

  16. You know what? I don’t believe that they were ever expecting. (Hope I am wrong here.) I think it was a way to try and soften up his imagine since the world found out he really was a cad. Talented but a cad.

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