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We’ve seen a lot of oversize diamond rings flashed around Hollywood and they all supposedly had astronomical prices. It was doubtful that the gems were top quality and obviously the value was exaggerated. BIG isn’t everything. Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring is different. It’s spectacular in its design simplicity and obvious quality and almost has an art deco feeling. Brad did an artful job of designing – it’s even better than the ring he did for Jennifer Aniston. And nobody’s bragging about the high price. This exquisite ring is going to be knocked off like crazy – somebody in China is probably already wearing one.



  1. So how many orphans could be fed with the money spent on that ring?

  2. If those are Angelina’s claws, where is the blood under the tips of the nails? Surely, the woman draws blood every so often, more often than not.

  3. agree, it takes alot of time & flying to save it up from the free “Air Miles”. folks!!

  4. The following is true:

    I have a ring almost exacly like that which I got at J.C. Penis about 6 months ago. It is pale yellow, same cut and cost $8.

    Bony hands is right. She needs fillers.

  5. Not my taste at all and the hand and arm is frightening! That is something I would buy at Party City to use to hand out candy at Halloween. Eat a pizza already!

  6. Geeez, you people are brutal! No one asked about her hands…..

  7. Her hands remind me of Madonna’s. Not a good compliment. Too bad for having an expensive ring her hands do not compliment the ring.

  8. Angelina is so bony and so tattooed that any magnificent piece of jewelry, be it a ring, bracelet, or necklace, would look terrible on her. The first thing I thought when I saw the ring was that it’s a stone on top of an eternity band. Nice concept, Brad! I think the ring is pretty, but the cut of the stones is not my personal taste. She is just so weird that it’s hard to believe she snagged a nice guy like Brad. But I wish them well; they have some beautiful children.

  9. Wouldn’t it be a little bit difficult to wear something of this value to a village with starving children?

    Can’t you see one of the children’s tiny little fingers touch the ring and marvel at how pretty it is? Wouldn’t it be ethically wrong to wear something that pricy and know that it could feed everyone in your village for a long time?

  10. I don’t like it, either. And she really does need to put on some weight.

  11. I think the ring is beautiful but it doesn’t really matter what we think. Brad designed is specifically for Angie and that is what makes it special for them. In regards to people complaining about how much they spent on it, you are not taking into consideration how much money they donate each year and how much time they spend working for their charities. Aren’t they allowed to spend some of their hard-earned money on nice things for themselves? Why do they have to be criticized for enjoying some of their money?

  12. Lucky lovely lady is so worth it…She is the most giving person in the world and they are really good together.

  13. Even though these two employ nannies, maids, cooks, secretaries, etc., Angie is always grabbing on to their grubby little hands. Methinks the $1 million bauble will stay mostly in a safe and she will have a fabulous copy made to wear, except when she is on the red carpet or at a movie premiere. This is what Eliz Taylor and many others did. Most would not be able to tell the real one from a fabulous fake anyway; experts can make it look like the real mccoy.

  14. India for your information. Her ring was only $200,000. Okay?

  15. Horrible waste of a good diamond. They are supposed to sparkle and an emerald cut minimizes the sparkle. A white sapphire or a colored stone could have accomplished the same thing.

  16. The ring to me is emotionless.

    I think they were going to get engaged anyway but I believe it was announced now as part of damage control for the leg incident.

    Does anyone else think that Angelinas frame is significant for some internal issue. Something is not right here.

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