We weren’t all that interested to learn that Audrina Patridge has a new VH1 reality series about her family starting after her stint on “Dancing with the Stars.” Until, that is, Audrina was voted off the show and her mother Lynn was apparently outraged. Audrina and her mom and friends had a few drinks at Beso later that night and her loose cannon of a mother took a smoke break outside. Paparazzi eagerly filmed her cocktail fueled blurt that “Audrina should have WON!” She went on an expletive laden tirade about how Audrina’s new reality show would be better than “The Hills” and she badmouthed Lauren Conrad. As her startled friends dragged her inside, Lynn yelled “Drina is going to the next level, baby!” Looks like another dysfunctional, but amusing family.


  1. Is trailer trash taking over America. I know that Americans are much classer and polite that many of the tools who end up in Hollywood, and on TMZ and gossip sites. I know Americans are generally nice, polite and God-fearing. I know because I read it in a book. Come on America, represent!

  2. Isn’t this reality meme just about ready to die a fast and furious death. I hate reality TV and I always have. It’s no longer amusing to make fun of these losers. (see ya tomorrow, LOL)

  3. Hey, she’s doing better than Heidi Montag and the hillbilly that Heidi drags around.

  4. she wasn’t kicked off, THIS DAMN WEST HOLLYWOOD FAGGOT & ASS KISSER WAS!!!!!!!!

  5. Dammit, Janet! From the way you wrote “UNTIL, THAT IS….” I thought you were about to share with us a delicious scoop— that this new, erm… “show”… was being pulled in light of “Mama Ceiling Eyes” public bad-mouthing of pretty much everyone she could think of.


  6. Audrina was not the worst performer this week on DWTS, but I’m glad she’s gone. I’m surprised she got so much positive feedback. She’s good, but has limited potential with such incredibly poor performance skills – at least as bad as Palin (who at least has moments of sincerity). Besides, it’s not like the eliminations always happens in the correct order.

    I’m not sure they did her any favours by exposing her incredibly long, skinny torso every week. Maybe she’ll take some time off to gain some weight? I guess not.

  7. She is a man-crazy whore. All I can think of when I look at her (and the whites of her eyes) is when she posed totally topless and TMZ got the pics. She had on a tiny plaid schoolgirl skirt and TMZ of course blocked out the above-the-waist part. Gee, this is such a great way to become a star, a star whore that is.

  8. I don’t know why they call this “Dancing With The Stars”? They are really stretching the “Stars” part. I’m sure most of the people who watch this show have to Google the reality stars to find out who they are.

  9. Now we know why “Ceiling Eyes” always looks like that. She’s spent a lifetime rolling her eyes at her embarrassing drunk mother.

  10. Lynn considers herself to be a celebrity-mom.She lives her life through Audrina’s success and achievements.I can
    easily believe,there are going to be a lot of classy events that “Mama” is not going to be invited to. She is a talking volcano just ready to erupt.

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