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The onetime object of Michael Jackson’s affection, Macaulay Culkin, seems to be spending most of his time in New York now. (As you may recall, Macaulay DID defend Michael during molestation charges.) At one time it was believed that Mac was the real father of Michael’s kids, but they don’t seem to look like him. As far as we know, Culkin and his girlfriend Mila Kunis are still an item after 8 years. Mac still struggles with his career, but supposedly has a movie coming out next year called “Service Man.” Can you believe he’s 30 already?


  1. He looks his age, and is a handsome guy. Surprising. I was sure he would be one of those ex-child actor trolls. You know, five foot nothing, and shaped like a teletubby?

    He was brilliant in Party Monster and Saved. Hope he keeps plugging away. Sooner or later he will hit it big again.

  2. I like him.Looks like he is not all f****d up like so many child actors after they grew up and discarded by Hollywood.

  3. Unlike Lindsay Lohan, he got away from his overbearing and money hungry parents before they could really screw him up.

  4. Strom, that is probably true.

    Wonder if we will ever hear Culkin’s version of events.

  5. I never liked the looks of his overly red lips when he was a kid…it looked like he had been sucking on red popsicles all day long…but it seems like he has grown into them and they aren’t as red as they used to be. Interesting nose too. It always was a bit too adult looking for a little kid. I hope he’s really happy and well adjusted. I know he made more than enough money to not have to work if he’s careful. You never hear about him going nuts spending money either, so I think he’s pretty down to earth. It would be nice to see him get into some mainstream movies and be given a chance again.

  6. Totally adorable.

    Makes Mama’s mussy moist as a snack cake.

  7. His memoir, which just jumped out at me at the library, so I read it, was AWESOME. He’s a classy kid, seems to have handled his post-star family dysfunction (mostly with his dad, not his sibs, he seems tight with them.) For a kid who walked away from his parents with a HUGE wad of cash, he did good. Lived modestly. Went to school. Experimented with some responsibility. I like him.

  8. WOW!! He looks good, can’t beleive he is 30 already. The shirt shows a little bit of pent up aggression though. Does he not realize that little kids know how read?

    PS “STROM” you suck!!

  9. HaHaHa! This might be my favorite post. Strom made a real good funny, and then got burned.

    Thanks Strom, Muffin, Lenny, for making this the bestest day ever!

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