We actually LIKE Harry and Meghan (we know some readers don’t share our opinion) but they’ve lost some points with their latest statement. Last night the couple were in New York where Meghan accepted an award, but no sooner did she walk off the podium than the couple’s spokesperson released a statement about them being pursued for 2 hours in a “near catastrophic“ car chase – an obvious attempt to gain sympathy and draw comparisons to Princess Diana’s deadly crash. (Harry still mistakenly blames his mother’s death on paparazzi – NOT the actual killer- her drunk limo driver!) Their version of this high speed car chase makes zero sense -there’s NO WAY they’d be stuck in a car for two hours zooming around Manhattan at high speeds with the city’s bumper to bumper traffic! Plus, there were NO accidents or tickets issued during this “near catastrophe.” These two likely concocted this dramatic version of events hoping for good press, since Prince William and Kate seem to be dominating the headlines with positive stories recently. Plus, Harry and Meg live openly in Montecito, California and have never ONCE complained about high speed car chases or being pursued by the paparazzi. Sorry, Meg and Harry, you dropped the ball on this one.

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  1. Harry has no Windsor blood. That’s why the royals sent him packing. Meghan is a grifter and hustler just like Amber.

  2. Liar, liar! Despicable pair of liars!
    Harry should be ashamed of himself for this cosplay of his mother’s tragedy. As for princess Pinnochio, stop already!

  3. They just admitted to following them for a hour on page six they look visibly shaken up and just had an intruder at their home it appears they were trying to get to their private location where they were staying probably wanted to feel protected as they have minor children. at this point the Harry and Meghan bashing is absurd !

  4. I really cannot understand why anyone has ever believed anything Meghan Markle ever said. She is a proxy mother for Harry and she is a low-rent actress at best. She gets rich people to buy her things, to provide her with housing, and to give her money. She is a charlatan. I cannot wait for the world to wake-up to this schemer!

  5. Not sure why there’s so much sussex bashing. It was a 2 hour chase, that doesnt mean it was high speed the whole time, and since it was a 2 hour chase in a city filled with cameras, i doubt they could be lying about this and I doubt they didnt themselves taken footage of it.

  6. I do agree this is very far fetched. If you are being followed, drive to a police station. Harry really needs to quit being the petulant little spare and man up. Live your life away from the monarchy if that’s really what you want and be the center of attention within the circles you want to run in. I am sure there are plenty of Hollywood people who fawn over him and stop with the rest of crap they spew to try and get the greater public’s adoration or sympathy.

  7. A very sloppy attempt to gain positive and sympathetic press. They have very low approval ratings so this messy storyline emerged at a key moment.

    If you have ever been in Manhattan, you know that high speed, anything by car is pretty much impossible For the very rich it’s more absurd.

  8. Meghan didn’t accept an award, no, she bought an award. How much did she pay for it? Anyone know?

  9. Nothing to like about this pair, nothing unique. Anyone can be a quitter, whiny arrogant elitist hypocrite.

  10. I knew as soon as this fake news story broke that it was merely another stunt from this pair of assholes. They are so desperate for attention. Also what ever happened with the so called star studded party she was giving for her kids birthday? crickets is all I hear. She is a phoney as a $3 dollar bill

  11. Janet, Harry has publicly declared that he doesn’t believe in the First Amendment, Freedom of the Press! Now, he and Meghan have the audacity to actually demand photos from the private company who took pictures of them when they were in public.

    Happily the photo company, who believed they were being bullied by H& M’s lawyers, held strong and gave a firm NO, and stated we are in America and you are not our King.

    Janet, you should keep a critical eye on people or groups who do not believe in freedom of the press.

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