Jersey Shore’s Snooki was thrilled with the Coach bag she bought at an outlet store, and she carried it everywhere. The Coach people noticed and, surprisingly, they made her an offer. They invited her to design her own signature Coach bag. She’s gotten a lot of endorsement offers, but this was too good to pass up. She’s designing a limited edition bag that will be sold only in Coach stores, starting this summer. What NEXT?

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  1. I have never seen a picture of the chubby little dwarf that her lips are not pursed out and always wearing a micro-mini. Say, does she look like she has a moustache?

  2. With that smirk on her face it would be almost impossible to resist the very strong urge to punch her in the chops.

    And, what’s that growth sticking out of the back of her head?

  3. She is so goofy looking, who notices her purse. I have one from Target on sale for $19.95 that looks better than this one.

  4. Coach is over rated and they have outpriced themselves. There are so many repros out there it is hard to tell the real McCoy.

    Why spend $500 on an item when you can get an excellent repro for $50 bucks. No thanks.

  5. Coach has officially ruined its own reputation. No one who buys these purses will want to anymore with this piece of trash partnering up with them.

  6. Who would buy a purse from a totally round troll midget with a giant brain tumor jutting out from it’s skull? YUCK! I can’t imagine anything much uglier than this trollup!

  7. I love Snookie, but I always KNEW Coach purses were totally tacky! Who needs to wear someone else’s initials to prove they have quote-unquote TASTE? That said, I think Snookie is the perfect designer for the Coach audience!

    Meanwhile, her hair inspiration is BRILLIANT! And that she didn’t rip off from anyone (anyone living, that is).

  8. this is the answer: THE UNITED STATES MUST BE FUCKED UP………

  9. Coach is losing its reputation anyway when the zippers don’t zip so good.

  10. If this is the future we are screw. A midget with a terrible hairdo and turnup lips looking like a damn doll.

  11. Who wants a bag that an uneducated midget oopaloompa carries around? If anything I would think it’d hurt the brand.

  12. Go into a Coach store. It’s all head-banger music. Coach used to be about quality, now it’s just crap. So Snookie is a perfect fit!

  13. Oh sure, when I think classy handbags, I immediately think of this girl. Not.

  14. I think Snookie is ok.
    I do not like the Coach brand and have never been tempted to get one of their items.

    Snookie is not fat!
    I dare anyone who posted here to send their pic so the general public can dissect it!
    I bet all the people here are much much fatter “mcslobs’ who shop at Tar-geyyyy!
    aka: Target and think that is high class.

    I did see Jersey Shore and thought Snookie was kind of acting a lot..but who wouldn’t on tv?
    She did go to school also!

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