Heidi Montag has been heavily criticized for her plastic surgery obsession but perhaps she should be pitied for her psychological problems. It’s more than self indulgence – it’s more like self destruction. Norwood Young, the singer/reality star famous for occupying the Michelangelo statue house in Hancock Park, went through a period of self-mutilation through plastic surgery, and he’s come to regret it. In what might become a trend, Norwood has REVERSED his surgical procedures and returned to his normal self. Watch this fascinating video in preparation for the release of his book “Getting Back To My Me.”

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  1. I’ve never heard of this guy before, but I applaud him for realizing his error in judgement and trying to reverse it. I hope he gets as close to his original face back as possible. I always thought it was a tragedy that MJ did that to his face and butchered himself into another creature. People need to stop the madness and mutilation and accept themselves as human and different from each other and love who they are. Best of luck to this young man and I hope he gains some happiness from becoming who he used to be.

  2. Wow. Definite psychological issues, before and now. He looked totally bizarre from the surgery. Like Michael Jackson and his siblings, like Mickey Rourke, and Heidi Montag (who needs serious psychiatric help). To me all this mutilation is criminal, shame on the doctors who only want to make money.

  3. I’m so sorry again:

    (it really can be worse?)

  4. Too bad Michael Jackson didn’t try this early on with he was black.

  5. That was beautiful,it made me tear up. It was so gracious of him to share his journey with us. I have a new found respect for Norwood.

  6. He looks like a version of Lionel Richie on the album cover. He’s a bit into the meds though. Think he might have an addiction?

  7. I agree with Reta, and with most of what has been said here.

    I really admire his courage and honesty.

    It is so rare that someone who has that kind of distortion in how they see themselves, is ever able to understand or get a glimmer of how it looks to other people; he is the only person I am aware of having done that.

    I found it fascinating to hear about what his associations were with the looks he was born with and why he wanted to obliterate them.

    However, unfortunately, it is sounding like he may have a drug-seeking issue currently or developing (or is it obvious to people who know addicts? I am not that familiar)

  8. i’m very sorry that NOrwood went thru child molestation! Pedophiles ruin more people…i applaud norwood trying to get back to his real face.

    Each of us are the sum of all our experiences good and bad…we tend to shove those bad things into the recesses in fear of the emotions those memories provoke but sometimes we have to embrace it all…b/c it’s made us who we are today.

    I hope he’ll have a more permanent fix for his nose, i didn’t like the looks of that filler stuff and can only imagine what the body tries to do to rid itself of it..inflammation is not good for the body.

  9. he mentioned 2 meds to the dr before the injections so Norwood needs to reevaluate why he’s taking those.

    Surely he’s had enough pain to cause him a lifetime of depression and unfortunately those who have been sexually abused as children are inclined towards depression and bi polar, a propensity for dependence on some kind of substance. Take it to the Lord in prayer instead.

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