OF COURSE Sheryl Crowe knew about Lance Armstrong’s illicit drug-taking. She was with him for nearly three years during which he prepared for and participated in two Tours. There’s no way she didn’t catch on to his tricks. No matter how secretive he was, she could not have avoided figuring it all out. Whether they discussed it is another matter. Their split and canceled engagement when she got cancer was not pretty, with just about everyone siding with Sheryl. We’re betting that when federal agents interviewed her about his drug use in 2011 that she told the truth. At least we hope she did.

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  1. Don’t know what she saw in him in the first place. Arrogant prick.

  2. Their Jewish legal team and agents have created many billable hours for their beloved clients.

  3. no doubt…………….JAILTIME, folks.


  4. LIE Strong

    this person is a shit stain. Karma can be a bitch and he shouldn’t have fucked with her.

    he should not be given anymore media attention.

  5. Psychopath!He did not seem sorry.Leopards don’t change their spots. It’s a process my ass! He’s doing damage control.I hope he loses everything, he deserves it. He should have thought about the consequences before he did it.Now his family will suffer for what he did. But maybe not, lately people like him seem to get rewarded for their bad behavior.He was controlling that interview, not Oprah. She was not tough with him at all. Well what do you expect from two fakes!

  6. I think she took a payoff. That’s how she could buy that compound of houses in the Hollywood hills. She’s selling them now because the money has run out. She sure can’t afford that with her one hit song and opening act status in concerts.

  7. she had her own problems with her health and all. She didn’t want to get sucked down with his crap.

  8. Don’t accuse her without proof. We don’t know what he took, but I doubt he did it in front of her or anyone else. So all the wives/girlfriends of all athletes who did such things knew as well? I seriously doubt it.

    A pill can easily be passed off as a supplement or in his case, follow up cancer treatment. He fooled many.

  9. calling Christin India, are you here? Do you have any wise thoughts as to where these 2 sinners will spend eternity expecilly Lance ?????

  10. Are you kidding me….when has Christine India EVER had a wise thought?

  11. Sheryl Crow is selling her place because she has lived somewhere else for many years. She is tired of renting it out…she has a brain tumor and is raising small children. She is a very wealthy women in her own right from her music publishing catalog. Lance dropped Sheryl like a hot balloon when she got breast cancer. He is a d*ck.

  12. I agree with Noblecascade. Whether he broke with her or she broke with him, it is clear that he is not the kind of man who can handle putting someone else’s needs first. Even without the steroids, Lance is clearly an attention whore. Can you imagine having cancer and having to depend on a guy who is training as an elite athlete? It must be hard enough even when you don’t have cancer and he doesn’t do steroids, but in Sheryl’s case….

  13. What I thought interesting about their breakup, was that it occurred right after an interview with Sheryl Crowe where she said she had put recording music aside to support him while he was training for the Tour, she was even helping watch the kids from his first marriage, and that once it was over, she expected him to do the same for her.

    She is better off without that self-centered narcissistic creep.

  14. So you are a psychic now Janet. You have no proof this woman knew about what he was doing and I really hope she sue for libel. My ex-husband cheated on me for years and even had a child and I did not have any clue at all. Everyone keep asking me how I did not know this was going on. It was simple, he was very clever in covering his tracks and he did not give me any reason to doubt him at that time.

  15. Many people knew what Lance Armstrong was doing, but when they talked about it, he slandered and sued them. He bullied other team members into using steroids. To act as though nobody knew is naive. I’m not saying if Sheryl did or didn’t know, but my money is on the fact that she knew, or at least strongly suspected.

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