Jeffrey Sebelia , the sarcastic rocker on Project Runway, with his child, shopping at Urban Outfitters in Pasadena. A salesclerk said “The whole store recognized him right away (must be that neck tattoo) and he seemed flattered by the attention. He was surprisingly NICE to everyone and bought a scarf….” This is how Tom Cruise and Katie strategically planned a dinner date at Giovanni’s in Malibu: First a black bronco pulled up and the driver checked out the place inside. (Making sure none of Tom’s exwives were there?) After getting the official OK, a black Mustang convertible carrying the pair pulled up. Both dashed inside wearing jeans and sweatshirts….Buxom Tanya Harding, pumping iron and gossiping in the weight room at the Hollywood YMCA… Scruffy looking Mel Gibson, baseball cap in hand, standing by an SUV in front of the park near The Abbey on Robertson Blvd. Nobody paid attention while he had an animated conversation with another man… Kiefer Sutherland, on his best behavior, politely admiring the attractive waitstaff at Holly’s West……


2 thoughts on “SEEN AROUND TOWN

  1. ….Buxom Tanya Harding, pumping iron and gossiping in the weight room
    She was such a sweet little girl. What happened?

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