Britney Spears has managed to make her husband Kevin Federline’s dreams come true. She turned an out-of-work dancer into a model, an actor, and a singer, while also getting him red carpet treatment at the hottest clubs. He’s been checking out locations for his record release party on Halloween night and it looks like he’s pretty much settled on Xenii. This will be Britney’s first big night out since their second baby was born. Kevin seems to like the after hours club Xenii – he was there until 5 AM Sunday morning. Those brave enough to pre-order K-Fed’s CD “Playing With Fire” from his online store automatically are entered into a contest to win a trip to LA to attend the party. Second prize – no kidding – are the sneakers Kevin wore when he performed at the Teen Choice Awards.



  1. Do you think this loser will ever GET that he’s pathetic, has no talent, and his biggest claim to fame is fucking and knocking up a bimbo?

  2. The fact that Bimbo britney is with this guy who knocked up another girl two times and ditched her and his kids shows you just how much Britney is a white trash skank of a ho.
    She deserves all the misery she can get.

  3. She’s a no talent hasbeen who is married to a sex crazed idiot who only knows how to bang and knock up lowlife women! including his dumb stupid wife.

  4. I am so K-Fed-Up with this loser. He and his trailer trash wife should hightail it back to whatever bog they slithered out of and leave us all alone.
    Just my opinion.

  5. He will dump his trashy wife for a trashier model. Doesn’t she see how he is just using her for her money? AND he’s probably screwing around come on he’s got two babies and he’s partying all hours of the night. Wake up bimbo.

  6. Face it they deserve each other. They are both phony. I don’t get why people put Britney on a pedestal and put down Kevin. She chased him, she bought him. You get what you paid for.

  7. you lot oviously dont think that badly of them when you read and comment about them, why waste you time on people you despize. i think secretly you all love the pair of them – as you all seem so intrested by reading.

  8. I’m still recovering from the all night Xenii Halloween Themed after party in Hollywood. He may not know how to sing, but he sure knows how to throw a party. Take A-list celebrities, Playboy-type models, a Cirque-de-Sole themed show, top djs, expensive food & drink and mix it together in a seculded warehouse and that’s a recipe for success… if only Kevin was a Hollywood promoter, he’d probably make more of his OWN money.
    Look, we all know he’s a loser, but it is what it is, he’s not our problem. Just observing him for a few seconds and you could tell how much he thrives and loves the fact that he NOT Britney gets all the attention, in fact she did some pretty outrageous things just to get his attention! So if everyone would just forgettabout him, leave him alone, and stop making him look like a success, maybe some people would realize it too… Britney?

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