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Ryan Reynolds, 35, IS the marrying kind. In 2004 he was engaged to Alanis Morissette but they mutually called it off a few years later. His subsequent marriage to Scarlett Johansson lasted for two years and it’s rumored that the relationship dissolved because their careers kept them far apart and Scarlett admitted she didn’t try hard enough to make it work. Undaunted, Ryan fell hard for his Green Lantern costar Blake Lively, 25, and you knew where that was headed when they bought a house in New York together. Their South Carolina wedding Sunday WAS a surprise, however. Since Ryan seems to be a one woman man, we’re betting he’s feeling very content today. They seem like a great match.

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  1. as i’m not interested by them as they’re a real couple (and more credible than Mendes/Gosling for example)

  2. I don’t know Janet, he seems like a nice guy and she strikes me as a woman that has alot of mileage on her.

  3. This picture has been circulating all over the internet; inferring that it is their wedding pic. It can’t be their wedding pic because Michael Clakre Duncan is the guy in the background. He died a few weeks ago. Kinda creepy.

  4. Hope they have a long and happy marriage and blessed with beautiful, healthy children.

  5. I think she would have married her previous boyfriend, Leo DiCaprio, if he had asked. Maybe Ryan is the first one that asked? She has always been able to get a man and is unable to be by herself, even for one week. She for sure wanted to marry a celebrity, as I have read she is very career orientated and is constantly striving to keep her name out there. I don’t dislike her or like her though……neutral.

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