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What’s wrong with this picture? Russell Brand is playing a n 80’s pop star in “Rock of Ages” and he’s dressed up in torn jeans and suspenders, at vintage t- shirt and rockstar wig, and he almost reminds one of Tommy Lee(top right) in his heyday as a member of Motley Crue. Except one thing is wrong – rockers didn’t have facial hair like that – they had smooth babyfaces and were more likely than not to wear lipstick!



  1. I note Russell is wearing a t-shirt referencing Japan!

    Looking at the rock group – omg how did/can women found/find this look attractive!?! I think they look silly and feminine like.

  2. what’s the difference?

  3. The rising sun logo was in around 1981. The Motley Crue glam ridiculous look was 1988ish and kicked to the curb by grunge in short order. But…you still dress like that, don’t you Rick? Yes, he does, Strom.

  4. Janet, think the hair resembles Nikki Sixx more than Tommy Lee & the outfit is more punk than metal. Regardless, Final Net & Cover Girl probably lost some sales since that look has finally been put to rest. (lol)

  5. Seriously Janet, would we even need another Tommy Lee?

  6. Denise, Excellent Point !!! LOL


    Some of the Motley Crue songs were pretty cool but I could never stand to watch them. I guess I never understood who they were trying to attract with their girlie haircuts and makeup. In all seriousness, they all look like Trannies.

    Let me just say this. I would hate to know that I was a straight young man/musician wearing that kind of makeup & styled hair to attract young girls or groupies and then for whatever reason end up overnight in the city jail. There’s a nightmare.

  7. Walt, second to disco, the 80’s hair bands were my least favorite musical period. The all looked like Kardashians with Y chromosomes.

  8. Kid Rock and Richie Sambora, too…put them in the mix of mixed-up druggies. Too many others to mention, but they’re out there.

  9. Denise, I agree completely. Disco was SO horrible, I almost wished I was in a coma thru it. And the hair bands were just silly, ugly, stupid, rediculous, and pointless. I wouldn’t have taken one of their albums for free!

    Patrick, who is RICK? And why do you keep mentioning him? I know it’s not one of Gerards stupid monikers!

  10. PS: As for Russell Brand, I can’t stomach him in any way and it really sickens me that the beautiful Katy Perry is ravaged by the monstrosity of him, over and over and over. I can only hope, for her sake, he is impotent or gay, and one day soon she will wake up and run like hell in the opposite direction from that freak.

    I can’t IMAGINE the fool has ANY kind of career. He is NOT funny, and from what I’ve seen in his movie previews, he stinks as an actor as well. I pound my head trying to figure out how this guy even GOT a career in entertainment. He’s TERRIBLE!

  11. Patrick: OH! Man, this place is really strange about name changes, unlike anything I’ve seem elsewhere. I don’t GET it!!

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