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In his first public appearance since the highly publicized Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, Rob Pattinson looked better than ever at the New York premier of his movie Cosmopolis. Certainly Kristen is gnashing her teeth at the sight of these photos and wondering if it was all worth it. With a little help from Gucci, Rob appeared immaculately composed and carefully avoided the forbidden subject. He was more overwhelmed by emotional fans than ever… (We still predict he will give Kristen another chance.)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. “(We still predict he will give Kristen another chance.)”

    Not if he’s got any sense he won’t…

  2. Some people just look better single.

    Why do you think the studio made marylin Monroe get a divorce.

  3. He looks better than ever and I hope he doesn’t give K-Stew another go at it. He deserves better.

  4. He should shave off that hair. Then he should mingle with all the gals out there who are lining up to get a piece of him. Why does he want to be stuck with the whiny, ordinary looking, talentless Kristen who always looks stoned. 🙁

  5. I really don’t like this guy’s looks. He’s not attractive to me at all. Neither is the perpetually stoned looking Kristen Stewart. They both lucked out in being in a hugely successful movie is all.

  6. Kitty, I agree 100%.

    In fact, speaking of luck, I do believe there is such a thing as blind dumb luck. One who I think is unattractive, but was lucky to be at the right place at the right time, is Justin Timberlake. Imho, JT is not handsome nor has a good physique but he knew how to sell himself. And the never-ending saga of the bucktoothed (sorry) Jessica Biel hanging on to him as he continually cheats on her is just another sad story in TinselTown.

  7. Right on Indy, Justin Timberlake is another of my pet peeves on somebody in the right place at the right time. He is not attractive to me in the least. In fact, there is nothing attractive to me AT ALL about him, just as Russell Brand isn’t either. I don’t know what’s happened to Hollyweird. Back in the old days, most actors and actresses had to be reasonably attractive. Ever since Dustin Hoffman hit the scene, it’s been downhill in the looks department.

  8. Any dude that hangs with rent-a-beard Reese Witherspoon is…yes you guessed it…not interested in Women.

  9. yes, he should kick K-Stew permanetly to the curb but easier said than done when you are in love(or think you are)with someone.

  10. Who’s childish wanting revenge by looking good when you are unsettled by losing your great love and hurt.. he will take her back and this is a bad memory..

  11. Ain’t gonna happen. He figured out she was playing him during the “relationship” and Kristen is still playing a game. Mr. Pattison learned a lesson in the school of hard knocks.

  12. Yeah, right, like their “relationship” wasn’t going to be over when the franchise was.

    (Also agreed with @Kitty and @Christine India, I have never understood the appeal of Pattinson or Timberlake)

    Haha, @Pippa Martin-St Onge, “rent-a-beard Reese Witherspoon!”

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