Rob Pattinson won’t be buying a house in your neighborhood any time soon. With all his money, it might be a good investment, but Rob fears that his fans will be hanging out around the property (or sneaking IN) and paparazzi might camp outside. He figures the best way to avoid all that aggravation is to move around a lot and live in hotels. He already has trouble enjoying a drink in a bar – he’s the target of his fans’ jealous boyfriends who want to start a fight. Rob just leaves.


  1. The reason for the Twilight craze eludes me, and I’m a big fan of the vampire genre in general – never miss an episode of True Blood or Vampire Diaries or Being Human. But Twilight, with vampires whose skin sparkles in sunlight? Please. And there’s the vapid dialog, cheap makeup and wigs, and on and on. The fans are going to be in for a traumatic shock when Pattinson and Kristen Stewart abandon their publicity generating fauxmance and go their separate ways after the last two installments have run their course.

  2. UUUUU…yeah, THAT’s exciting…not…

    And Rick, you know WAAAAY more about this than I EVER want to know…I think ol Triangle Head and all the other kids from the Harry Potter crap just need to go a long long long way away…all the “vampires, werewolves, and witches”…go AWAY and don’t come back for at least 30-40 more years please. I am BURNT OUT! (PS…THAT isn’t “acting”).

  3. no need to explaine his mother why he spend time with girls “Upstairs”.

  4. The first Twilight was entertaining, the second was horribly boring and stupid and the third was mediocre. They made a HUGE Mistake by replacing Catherine Hardwicke.

    Hey Rob, Move to Lloyd Harbor, no one can get there unless they own a mansion!

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