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If you’re wondering how Rihanna landed a role in the two hundred million dollar sci-fi movie “Battleship” with Liam Neeson and Alexander Skarsgard, director Peter Berg explained it all to Vogue. (The movie is about a fleet of ships forced into battling an armada of warships from unknown origins) Berg said he loved her performance on SNL last year and he wanted someone who could be funny and tough at the same time. (It sounds like she got Michelle Rodriguez’s part) It wasn’t easy – Rihanna had to sit behind a machine gun in an inflatable raft in seven foot swells for six hours at a time. Fortunately, Rihanna loves the ocean and had no trouble doing the stunts.

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  1. she is already used to STUNTS, folks.
    ………..ASK CHRIS BROWN!!

  2. I love science fiction and am really looking forward to this movie because the cast is spectacular, also including Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, and Josh Pence. Never saw Rihanna act before but there’s a first time for everything I suppose. She should do fine surrounded by all the other talent.

  3. So overrated and not even pretty with that big forehead! Even Whitney Houston would not want to leave her daughter alone with RR for long or RR would be between her legs. True Black on Black crime!

  4. Just read on another site that Rihanna & Colin Farrell were out to dinner last night. I wonder if Rihanna used her “chains & whips” on him? Haha

    Oh man, I just can’t say how lucky she is!!

  5. This type of movie doesn’t in the least interest me, but having said that, I’d far perfer to see Rianna in a role than the overly dykey Michelle Rodriquez. Every time she has been in something it has been a distraction from the plot with her. She can’t pull it back at all and be THE CHARACTOR without the bull dyke chick attitude taking precidence. I don’t at all care if she’s gay/lesbian, but when I watch a movie I want to see the CHARACTORS not the real persons’ real BS hanging out all over the place. I nearly stopped watching LOST because of her. SUCH a huge turnoff. and movies she has been in which I’ve seen have all come across the exact same way. Is that SERIOUSLY the ONLY thing that chick can play? THAT’S not ACTING!

  6. She is getting raunchier and raunchier and wearing less and less clothes. Funny that her stylist will not insist on very long bangs to cover her forehead.

  7. Indy, people HAVE foreheads. Tyra banks is also known for HER “large” forehead and look where SHE is. I don’t perticularly think Ru=ianna’s is all that out of proportion to the rest of her face. She looks pretty good singing in her videos to me. I think maybe you’re jumping a little on the “pick on Rianna” bandwagon here. Give the girl a break. She’s not a druggie, alky and seems to be a hard-working girl for as young as she is. Compare her to our own young “singers” like Britney, Lindsey, and the like. Which would you rather watch, contribute to?

  8. The show was unreal and really freaked me out when they where fighting but throw the whole show…Not one time this young ladies Hat ever came off her Head and really wanted to see what was under the Hat.

  9. Her acting was Great and she nailed it 100% and that is something she should do more of in the future!She has a Gift for that acting Bug…Plus all the men though she was Beautiful and out shineing the other woman on the show as well.

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