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Rihanna’s frank discussion with Oprah about the night she was assaulted by her boyfriend Chris Brown is sadly in character with the way many women react when beaten by their loved one. Shockingly, Rihanna described the vicious attack as a “cry for help.” She, like many women, didn’t want to believe that the man who had been their best friend and lover was capable of such deliberate brutality. So they try to conjure up an excuse, or even blame themselves. He couldn’t help it – he lost his temper. He didn’t mean it. She worried about HIM being called a monster! It’s awful to suffer the humiliation of being beaten, AND lose the person you love in one fell swoop. Rihanna desperately wanted to find a reason to forgive him because she still loved him. Horrified fans made that difficult to do at the time, but if Rihanna doesn’t wise up and realize that Chris is an arrogant and brutal man responsible for his own actions, she still might take him back.



  1. I am so sick and tired of hearing Rihanna talk about this subject. I do not understand this mentality. Rihanna is a role model for young women and she should start acting like one.

  2. They are a very volatile combo and are best kept apart. I have been with an abuser and I can assure anyone that it NEVER gets better, it only gets worse.
    Rihanna is so talented, but human just the same and she obviously has very strong feelings for him. She has her own money, success, yet she still has him stuck in her mind. A guy with a bad temper touches every part of your life and you lose much of yourself when you stay in that relationship.
    Chris needs to stay away from drugs and drinking. He gets more angry and out of control when he’s “lit”. He’s talented as well, but his actions diminish all of his legitimate gifts. He needs to quit running with people who will enable him and choose wise associates.
    Good luck to both… separately…

  3. It’s obvious Rihanna has her own MAJOR issues — she also needs help. If she doesn’t stay away from violent men — she’ll wind up living under a bridge.

  4. Chris Brown needs a good beat down but I’m sure he’ll will screw himself in the end. Jerks like him always do. Rihanna can forgive but she should NEVER forget, he’s a rotten thug & she needs to keep walking.

  5. Both are ghetto trash.

    50% of BLACK women have herpes…where is RiRi and where is Oprah in doing something about this scourge?

  6. Her Street Pimp/Manager Jayzee feeds her the lines and she repeats them to Orca.

  7. i love how oprah sit’s there acting concerned, truth is she could care less it’s all about the ratings with her

  8. Sad to say in my experience the black culture looks at abuse differently, I visited so many sites where both the men and women were saying Rihanna must have done something, she deserved it, he’s a good guy etc. I hope she is not dumb enough to go back with him. The man has massive rage issues, ala Mel Gibson, Alec Baldwin for example. They are always the victim and it’s never their fault when they lose their temper. Somebody always provokes them.

  9. She defends him because she was a fcuking participant and gave as good as she got, but he lost it and went too far. It is never okay to hit a girl, but guess what ladies, it isn’t okay to beat down on your man, either.

  10. this is the very cheap american way to ask/scream for attention.

  11. Bis the,other 50% white woman that have herpes, strom?

    Also, a majority of white older women are getting aids. The divorce and single. They meet men who are gay and bisexual and comprimise themselves for love and be and wanting to be alone.

  12. That means Gays and bi’s are the carriers of AIDS and should be locked up!

    Where is Oprah and RiRi on the issue of 50% of BLACK women having herpes…means likely one of them does, care to guess which?

  13. Anyone who thinks that she did not take him back after that fiasco is blind. She most certainly did and they are on/off even today. There have been reports on other sites of them trying to sneak around to be together and this is all very recent.

  14. Ghetto trash but the look of success to poor BLACK females and lesbo’s of all races!

  15. @Dragonfly I believe you are right. They still see each other. I think they deserve each other. Good match.

  16. @Dragonfly, I read that too. I’m not surprised. If they weren’t who they are we would never have heard about it, and she would be with him now. They were kept apart to protect her reputation. Other women are not so fortunate as to have “handlers” manage their behavior.

  17. I thought she had already taken him back. I read where she sees him.

  18. Rhiana is an average singer… But a stupid girl. 20 years from now she is going to look back and see how stupid she was in this interview. He is a L O S E R. I can’t believe Oprah didn’t give her a verbal smack down for feeling sorry for that punk. The only “help” he needs is to grow up and be accountable for his stupid tantrums. He’s another OJ and she’s making excuses for him.

  19. Strom you are a racist idiot. Seriously where do you get off missing black people every chance you get. You’re post are chronically racist and you should seriously consider counceling. EVERY race has good and bad do STOP with these shallow and stupid comments.

  20. Where is Oprah and RiRi on the issue of 50% of BLACK women having herpes…means likely one of them does, care to guess which?

    Poor Msnbc, enabler of all things BLACK! Step up and do something about the race that is getting passed by by all others!

  21. Why would Oprah wear such a terrible looking outfit that makes her look even huger than huge? Diet doesnt seem to be working!

  22. It is obvious that the pain she exhibits, still is PRE-Chris Brown; probably reliving her parent’s abuse…

    S, post an ugly picture, please: doth protest way way too much over ‘other’. Yawn.

  23. WTH Strom? Enabler? You are rather ignorant yourself. I suppose you would pick on Olympic Gold Medalist Gaby too based on race. Or Venus Williams because according to you if you’re not Lilly white you lose in all areas. You are really pathetic. Those women could work circles around you.

  24. This girl is a moron. There’s no sex in this world worth being smacked around for. People who hit other people have a PROBLEM, and need to get help. Until that problem is fixed, the abuse will only get worse. Take it from someone who knows and has been there.

  25. only Rihanna and Chris knows what happenned that night and I get the feeling what she cannot say is that she hit him as well. What she cannot talk about is her role in what went south with them that night. This could also be a reason why she feels protective etc of him. They were too young people and I hope they both learn from this experience, grow up and move on. Love is not a pipe that can be turned on and off at the will of anyone. If that was the case the world of romance would be different. So give these two young people a chance to grow and learn,

  26. Grow & learn my ass! They both need intense therapy for their issues! They need to stay away from each other. How disgusting they both are! Maybe next time he’ll kill her!

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