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It’s a day to reminisce. Elvis Presley died 35 years ago today and we remember that day with total clarity. We had just exited the Hollywood freeway after a day of thrift shopping with a friend, when Elvis‘s sudden death was announced on the radio. We almost drove off the road in shock. We were SO upset and tearful we couldn’t drive, and had to pull into Tiny Naylor’s Drive-in on the corner of La Brea and Sunset to compose ourselves and have a cold drink. People at the drive-in were in shock and disbelief also. Waitresses wept. Little did we know Tiny Naylor’s would be gone in a few years too.

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17 thoughts on “THE DAY ELVIS DIED

  1. Elvis at age 24, fooled around with Priscilla at age 14. Last time I checked, a 24 year old is and adult and a 14 year old is a child.
    Why does Elvis get away with that? If a guy did that today his career would go up in smoke and he would be hauled to the slammer.

  2. What if, say Chris Brown or Drake or even Justin Bieber were having steamy moments alone with 14 year old girls? How would that go over with the public at large? Somehow ol’ Elvis gets to skate on this..

  3. The King of Rock and Roll was gone and music was never the same afterward. We lived in the best years to see the changes and no one can compare to his talent and style. His music lives with us forever.

  4. Long live the king of rock n roll. It must have been hard being Elvis & sad he’s no longer here but his music will live forever.

  5. Mr Campbell and I were in Paris at the time. I swooned and collapsed dramatically in a small cafe and took to my sick bed for a week, filled with the memories of he and I.

    A week of carnal bliss up at the house on Sarbonne Dr. So eager, so ready, so virile. He took me on the veranda, in the pool pavillion, in the potting shed. Such raw stamina and animalistic ardor.

    I shall always remember the mighty King’s last words to me. He cooed “Darlin, you got a tight box but no tits”.


  6. janet, i love you and all but c’mon, can you PLEASE stop using the word “we” it should be “i” after the tenth “we” it starts working the nerves, thank you

  7. Didn’t Priscilla’s parents hand her over to Elvis with their blessings?

  8. Even if her parents did ‘hand her over’ to Elvis, their sexual relationship would have been unlawful unless they were married, with her parents permission. Ol’ Elvis didn’t marry Priscilla until she was nearly 22.
    Just pointing out the obvious to ya’ll.

  9. Pierre you have to get your head around, it was another time.
    Sure Elvis got a pass, but Jerry Lee didn’t.
    Rules for some…rules for others.
    Ask Priscilla if she regrets it.

  10. I never was a fan of his. I certainly didn’t cry or “swoon” over his death, either.

  11. In her autobiography, Priscilla details life as a teenager w/ Elvis. Not a big deal back then, in the South, to be 14 and sleeping w/ a 24-year-old. Plus, the union wasn’t actually consummated until after they were married. And of course Priscilla doesn’t regret a thing!

  12. That voice. One of my older brothers almost collapsed when he heard the news, he was such a fan.

    A sad remembrance.

    On a high note, I welcome the return of Mrs. Patrick Campbell and her ribald comments. God help me but every time Janet posts a Sly Stallone item all I can hear is “cradle the balls”.

  13. I remember the day well. My aunt called me hysterical. I knew someone had died but I thought it was a member of our family. After a little coaxing, I finally got out of her that Elvis had died. She loves that man, dearly, to this very day.

  14. Haha, I remember hearing about that “cradle the balls!” And to think I thought I could not be any more grossed out by the ego that walked like a (tiny) man, Stallone.

  15. “Elvis got a pass, but Jerry Lee didn’t?” At least Elvis didn’t kill any of his young conquests, and be proud of it. Sheesh!

  16. I love Elvis. I live near Graceland. You cannot believe how many people individually he helped and how many charities he gave to.

    Love him or hate him… cannot name one person living or dead that can command 1000s and 1000s coming every year (twice a year). Not a past president, not a movie star, not anyone who can still bring in multitudes to honor the greatest singer and most kind hearted on earth.

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