Ricky Gervais does it again! He’s one of the few people on Twitter with anything significant to say. Our esteemed colleague Stephen Saban from The WOW Report found this tweet:

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  1. Yep all that, it’s called sin nature but there is LOVE and it’s purest name is Jesus Christ (yes HE is in the bible). Let HIM show you that perfect love.

  2. @susieserb–you are absolutely correct! Thanks for posting!

  3. too true, and if you play nice you get to go to a theme park when you expire …

  4. yup, the silly old bible, its our fav work of fiction too, right up there with the X-men and Game of Thrones, but it’s way more violent, racist, misoginist, oh, what Ricky said !

  5. Don’t forget if you dont pay you churches dues, out you go! God can create the world but like George Carlin said, he needs your money! Wake-up low IQ people.

  6. @Cathy-

    My IQ is 130. AND I believe in God. Go figure…

  7. It just goes to show you,….takes all kinds to make a world.

    Angel on my shoulder
    Devil on my shoulder

  8. Eternity is forever. Hell is hot. Make sure you know what you believe in and not what you want to believe in because you are feeling rebellious and untamed. God is real and one day the world will end as we know it so make sure you know what you believe in. Why put your belief in this guy Ricky G who’s trying to be controversial to stay in the headlines? YOUR LIFE & SOUL is too important to not take the time to really consider the afterlife. God bless us all.

  9. He’s right! Shut the hell up Just A Fan!! There is no god you idiot!

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