Kim Kardashian’s video sex partner Ray J wanted to make sure her groom Kris Humphries didn’t have a flawless honeymoon, so he announced on the weekend of her wedding that Kim has HIM to thank for her amazing success and financial gains. Kim and Ray’s graphic home video made the sleazy pair both rich and relatively famous in 2007. Eight months later “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” debuted on E! Just bringing up the sore subject of Kim’s disgraceful tape is bound to make Kris and his family uncomfortable or worse. And when Ray takes credit for Kim’s success, he has a point.



  1. It’s last call for alcohol. The last shot is Moonshine. I’m pouring a double for all of those listed above (except CL). A shot of this is better than having temporary amnesia. lol

  2. Nicole can be described as many things but lovely is a stretch. She didnt deserve to end like that but she was an out and out gold digger who cost Ron his life. He was obviously in it for her pus too. Goldman’s family was over the top on a quest for revenge and gold rather than remembering their son and moving on. Traits exhibited by Jews everywhere it seems.

  3. Tom u are reaching! Obviously pimp Kris must have told her girls and Nicole to take a golden shower from black men if they going to be true gold diggers. U wish black women were into golden showers. Did u see your mother receiving one from one of the many black cocks that sloshes in her mouth? Or maybe u secretly wish a big black cock pissing in your mouth?

  4. Nicole was an elegant woman who jogged several miles a day. She would walk into a room and all eyes would be drawn to her. She was so beautiful the coward threw it all away because he could not have her.I’ve seen the pictures. She accepted much less than she could of gotten in the divorce to escape the abuse. Fred Goldman was never about the money. He single handedly brought the coward down to his knees and sent him on his first stop on the road hell. Nicole was an angel who remained faithful to the coward throughout their marriage. Does that seem unmoral? Hello you’re an idiot.

  5. Nicol was anything but elegant and known as someone who was ready to give up booty to anyone famous. She had no morals is screwing a string of BLACK NFL players.

  6. Strom and Tom, this is all yesterdays news? Anybody who would have married that goof O.J. could not have been a sensible person to begin with.
    But who cares?

  7. Sidney and Justin care. Fred and Kim care. Juditha and Denise and the rest of the Brown family care. The victims friends care. I care.Marcus Allen denied ever having sex with Nicole. Her post divorce boyfriends were regular guys.She never was with anybody famous other than Oj. Oj was the only athlete who was with Nicole and they were married. Ron was a waiter. There are ignorant people in the world. You’re either with me or against me. Go get behind your boy at Lovelock.

  8. @Patrick

    (insert low level beevis and butthead laugh).

    I left you a special note about our dear Reta under Cher (where she is wearing the white mask). 🙂

  9. Oh Tom, the sweet golden nectar of o.j. and all the black big cocks’ that smacked all over nicole and your mother must have lodged down your memory because you seem like you want it. Too, bad Kim married then you would have been able to suck off the sweet nectar of all the black men she had.

  10. Sounds like a Goldman enabler…few people except quota BLACKS take OJ’s side. Nicol was no innocent little snowflake as far as enjoying the good life in exchange for ample amounts of booty.

    The families were all hurt in this but Goldman took it to an extreme with the revenge act that gives Jews a bad name….ALL ABOUT MONEY!

    Sorry to say but in the scheme of things Ron Goldman was a nobody waiter who literally lost his head while getting head from a blonde gentile.

  11. Hello, you are a piece of work. Strom, Fred pursued justice by the only legal means available to him. What would you have done if shitbag attacked your unarmed son from behind with a knife? My man Ron was stabbed 32 times. You going to let that slide. Maybe you would.

  12. It was tragic for certain. But Fred wouldnt let the law take care of it….he was on every talk show and was suing right and left for MONEY and none of it will bring Ron back. Ron was at the wrong place at the wrong time and busily getting his horny little dong sucked by hot lips Nicol….the blow job cost him his life and maybe both would still be alive if he had just delivered the “glasses” and left. Unfortunately Fred’s heritage and desire for retribution and $$$$ has turned him into an orge.

  13. Poor Tom, crying over the past while Fred Goldm$n is still trying to claim the gold!

    Unfortunately, Ron was trying to score some illicit head and it cost him his!

  14. Which of the 3 musketeers (Patrick, Tom, Cassonia) scored the most posts in this thread? Fame whore a little bit?

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