Shame, shame, shame on Zsa Zsa Gabor’s so called “Prince” for setting up this photo op and selling the pictures (with himself prominently featured, of course) ! We’re all happy that she was able to celebrate her 94th birthday, although “Prince” Frederick saw to it that her own daughter Francesca was not invited to participate. Anyone familiar with Zsa Zsa, knows that she would NEVER have willingly posed for a photo without having her hair and makeup done! Apparently she is too out of it to protest, and her greedy husband propped her up and took advantage. This isn’t the first time he’s had her photographed for profit when she’s too ill to object. It’s disrespectful and we understand why Francesca loathes the “prince” whom SHE prefers to call the “queen.”

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  1. Article is a bit biased and light on facts, don’t you think?

    I’m no fan of the ‘prince’ either, but Zsa Zsa married him almost 25 years ago, has had ample opportunity, reason, and plenty of previous practice to end it (can you say 9 marriages), and yet has consistently chosen not to. She’s no angel either.

    As for her daughter Francesca, in 2005 Zsa Zsa accused her of larceny and fraud for forging Zsa Zsa’s signature to secure a $2 million loan using her mother’s house as collateral. The only reason the case was dismissed is because Gabor ultimately refused to appear in court. I have a feeling the photographers were more welcome in her bedroom than Franchesca would have been.

  2. After what she’s been through, Zsa Zsa is probably happy just to be alive.

    As for her creepy husband, remember when he said he was robbed, stripped naked, and handcuffed to the wheel of his Bentley?

    Good times.

  3. Aging is hell. We all want to remember Zsa Zsa as she was. Prince Von Ahole is taking care of her, but at his price.

  4. Frederick has no shame in his game, but at the young age of 94 Zsa Zsa might just end up surviving his fake @ss. I believe that he has always been a publicity seeking gigolo,and the above photo does Not change my opinion of him.

  5. He seems very queeny and I feel terrible for poor ZZ. But her daughter is a selfish crazy pig. I can see why the husband keeps her away.

  6. It’s no secret that Zsa Zsa and her daughter never got along. In recent years the two were all but estranged. Whatever his faults, von Anhalt is doing exactly what Zsa Zsa wants by keeping Francesca at arms length.

  7. Greetings to Everyone.

    Just checking in to say Adios, Goodbye, Arrivederci to you all. Since I sometimes go off the subject and delve into spirituality (salvation, etc), and it rubs some the wrong way, I am signing out.

    Special thanks to Janet. It’s been a sweet ride.

    Treat your fellow man and ladies with respect especially on Valentine’s Day.

  8. You cannot tell me that he couldn’t at least draped her with nice blanket or slipped a bed jacket on her. How horrifying that he allowed her to be photographed in a hospital gown instead of something more pleasant especially since it was her b-day. Plus, she has plenty of wigs, why not slip one on???

    Princess Frederick knows his way around makeup so he could have spent at least five minutes on that.

    Granted, they “could” be having $$$ problems. I suspect they are a bit strapped because of the way the home is outdated in the interior. He is scrabbling to sell the house (perhaps money for dr. bills??). I’ve known of older people that lived in million dollar homes but only allowed themselves 40-50.00 weekly for groceries. Everything was budgeted so they could keep their home and the appearance of wealth.

  9. Seems to be making fun of her condition. Giving a 90 some year old a cake that says Happy Birthday Baby, in my opinion is kind of a slap in the face. Just another example of this freak’s sick sense of humor. I will again say I hope this SOB gets what is coming to him, AND SOON!!

  10. I agree that the “Prince” is an opportunist, but that Zsa Zsa was experienced at marriage and must have known what she had in that department.

    However I have a couple of observations. First, she looks clean and comfortable albeit not made up. Second, she appears to be feeding herself (unless she’s trying to shield her face in horror). Frankly, I’ve seen people younger than 94 who look more the worse for wear than Zsa Zsa does here.

  11. And let’s not forget that the “prince” said he was probably the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby… good lord, I’m sorry, but ZsaZsa could have (and should have) kicked his sorry a@@ to the curb 24 years ago!

  12. There aren’t enough clever variations in how this moron sleeze has managed to drain ZZ dry all these years. I believe the two porcelain thrones in the backyard fit him most royally, only too bad they don’t flush. I’d like to see him in one of them head first, feet thrashing as he circles the drain gasping and gulping toilet water, his queenie knickers with stretched-out elastic bundled around his knock-knees. I’d be happy to stand there pressing the handle over and over and over until the “prince” is royally flushed once and for all.


  14. Van Ahole does not do anything for ‘free’. What’s really creepy is the fact that he calls TMZ and/or other photo agencies when there is an emergency. He calls them BEFORE he calls 911. This way he can ‘sell’ the story while it’s happening. Seriously, though. How many more times do we have to read about Ms. Gabor going into emergency? God bless her. Most people don’t live that long and for goodness sake, enough already. If agencies stop buying the stories and/or photos…maybe, just maybe, the publicity seeking fake prince will go back to whatever country he’s from.

  15. She is alive and eating by herself, that’s a good sign. He has been with her for 25 years that says something for his loyalty, so he’s a famewhore, at least he takes care of her.

  16. Lets be fair about this. She is 94 years old. For someone who is 94 she looks good for her age. As for her husband he isn’t the best but all she has is him and her daughter. Her and her daughter don’t get along and she probably does not trust her. So therefore she has to keep the prince because she cannot take care of herself on her own. Its sad but true.

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