If anyone every deserved to be miserable, it’s OJ Simpson. We were happy to her that the egotistical double murderer got a harsh beating from other prisoners at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center. According to the Enquirer, he was targeted by a group of white supremacists because he was heard bragging about his success with beautiful white women and he said that once they had sex with him, they never wanted to sleep with white guys again. Racist skinheads waited for an opportunity in the exercise yard and jumped OJ – they gave him such a beating that he ended up in the infirmary for two and a half weeks. Prison officials tried to keep it quiet, but now he pays other inmates to be his bodyguards.

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  1. OJ brings out an outraged and mean spirited side of myself that I dislike (because he got away with two murders). Although it is wrong, I think it would be fitting to send the white supremacists a note of encouragement saying “better luck next time” or something along those lines.

    I feel the same way when some pervert kidnaps and kills a child. I just want to beat the crap out of them and then let the wolves loose on them.

  2. How racist to say he is a murderer. Dont you know OJ was found innocent by a distinguished group of his peers…these fine BLACK Americans would never stoop so low to let off a murderer because he was the same color as they are…….would they?

  3. Were you so excited to post this vile news Ms Charlton that you couldn’t be bothered to spell check it? This man was found innocent of murder. Seeing as you think you know everything about the issue, I assume you are familiar with the huge amount of evidence that points the finger at OJ’s son? No? Thought not. Regardless of his guilt or innocence, its distressing to see you will side with White Supremacists when they beat a black man, as long as that black man is someone you don’t like and who you have decided is guilty of something. Is the world aware of your legal prowess? I mean, it seems you think you know more than the jury, the LAPD and the Prosecution who all failed to convict him. You report a vicious hate crime and CELEBRATE it? Disgusting!

  4. A civil jury found him guilty, and ordered him to pay restitution. He got sent to prison for an armed holdup. If he doesn’t want to get beaten up, he should shut his trap.

  5. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!!

    Sure the Brown/Goldman families wish they could’ve been there to witness this “Act of TRUE Justice”.

  6. Unfortunately he’s not entirely broke. While his millions are long gone, he’s made decent money since the murder trial selling autographed NFL collectibles before he was jailed for kidnapping/armed theft. Some of those funds were seized for the Goldman family, per the civil judgement in their favor.
    Simpson also netted a tidy sum from the book advance for his autobiographical tome, “If I Did It”, even though the book was eventually pulled by the publisher. It’s been alleged that the proceeds from the book advance were stashed in an overseas account to keep it out of the hands of the Goldman family.

    Lastly, Simpson will always have his NFL pension to fall back on, because California law protects pensions from being seized to satisfy judgements.

  7. Fmate, Yes!!! I thougth I was the only one. Jason was a hot headed, hateful cokehead who was known for his temper and previous ‘tiffs’ with Nicole.

  8. Walt, I couldn’t agree with you more. This murderer, thief, and overall criminal makes MY blood boil and stomach turn every time I hear about him and his snarky, “I can get away with anything because I have money” attitude. He’s a putride excuse for a human being, man, father, husband. I hope the hell this story is TRUE and I hope they get a chance to finish the job they started which is long overdue. I say YEAH! I hope every blow made him think of Ron and Nicole and the pain he inflicted on THEM! Too bad Nicole’s children can’t have their DNA washed of him. It would make me really sick to know that bastard was my father! I hope he goes broke TRYING to pay for protection and LOSES!

  9. Racist I say….those fine upstanding black jurists could never do such a shameful act as failing to convict a guilty black man….why things like that only happened in the south with whites……didn’t they!

    To actually think it was OJ’s kid is even a bigger joke.

  10. Now, Janet—there, there. You are perfectly safe. OJ’s locked up tight as a drum and most likely will die right where he is. Besides, you are at least 40 years beyond the point that he would have any interest in you—your blonde wig notwithstanding.

    Wouldn’t, say, someone like Scott Peterson be more worthy of your attention? After all, he’s another of the Enquirer’s favorites.

    You remember Scott, right?

    He was the one who slaughtered his 8-months pregnant wife and then tied cement blocks to her body before dumping her in the bay after he finally had had enough of her shit. Little pieces of her still wash ashore from time to time.

    Oh!—and Dean Cain played him in the movie. But let’s not dwell on the past; anybody can make mistakes.

    While it’s true that Scott is no longer accepting marriage proposals by mail, he is sincerely grateful for any donations to his commissary account. Thanks to his favorite Kit-Kit Bars and Nacho Cheese Doritos, he’s grown even more plump and dimply—but still a hunk! And he has a special fondness for “Cougars” (and their mothers, Jan :))!

  11. Scott = found guilty by a jury of his peers.

    OJ = found innocent by a jury of majority of bloods. In jail on an unrelated charge.

  12. Then, Strom, by employing your tortured logic, shouldn’t the real focus of this case be the “bloods” who acquitted OJ—after a botched prosecution failed to convince them of his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt?

  13. And let’s not forget that this was a jury drawn from a population which had witnessed ONE unarmed man being kicked and punched by a DOZEN cops (one of whom exulted, “It was like something out of Gorillas in the Mist!”), only to watch “justice” in that instance fly out the window, as it had done so many times before, in a country polarized by color and prejudice.

  14. Detective Mark Fuhrman’s proven history of bias ensured that the prosecution’s case was TOAST in front of a jury of minorities. Every book written by members of the D.A.’s team affirms this.

    Were you alive during the trial and its aftermath?

    Your convenient amnesia on this point is not—thankfully—universal.

  15. Every one of those boys who got a shot or more on him in the yard are always going to remember those boots and punches as the most memorable of their lives.But what? Nobody could get a shiv on him?! They must have had huge smiles on though. Thanks boys, good work.
    Indy from an earlier post I thought you were leaving due to? ?
    I’ve told you before. GOD hates gossip sites. Repent ye sinner.

  16. It’s funny how some people just can’t accept that O.J. killed Nicole and Ron. Try reading O.J.’s book, “If I Did It” and then try to cling to your theory that he’s innocent. He basically admitted to the entire thing, in a fiction format.

  17. It’s even funnier that some have people have reading comprehension skills that are beyond parody. Assuming your comment was directed in this direction:

    Where, exactly, does it state that OJ was innocent?

    The point Strom is making is that the jury returned a flawed verdict; and they surely did.

    But to forget—or conveniently fail to understand—just how that flawed verdict was reached is an insult to critical thinking.

  18. So there wont be any misunderstanding….my point is that the mainly BLACK jury wouldnt vote to convict a BLACK man who most think that the evidence proved was guilty.

  19. And since the number of cases where a jury is comprised mainly of BLACKS empaneled to judge a defendant who is also BLACK remain so small—the OJ situation really was precedent-setting—then the outcome of that case remains an aberration; thus, one not worth getting your panties twisted over, no?


  21. Indy: Patrick—oops, meant to write “Pierre” probably doesn’t care about your drama and neither do we.

  22. Amazing that you never hear anyone bragging about bedding BLACK women! Especially BLACK men.

  23. Turns out this story NEVER HAPPENED. Awwwww. 🙁 But at least the revenge fantasy lasted long enough to get your rocks off, eh?

    A bit like watching Geraldo (aka Jerry Rivers) talk about what he’d do if he “just had five minutes alone with Osama Bin Laden…”

    Kinda funny. Pretty sad. VERY telling.

  24. Whew!! What a week, huh?! Thanks to your hard work the Bake Sale was a HUGE success! Loved your cupcakes with the prison stripes and little numbers—made my swastika-cakes seem old hat! Oh, and I totally agree with your suggestion for putting together some sort of Booster recognition for Charlie Manson—after all, he is one of our pioneers! And I know many of The Brethren are feeling kinda low after the fake OJ story and bad press; the Manson project would be a great “boost” to their morale—not to mention your BRILLIANT “Adopt-A-Supremacist” idea!

    Aryan White Power Forever and lotsa hugs!

    Kitten 🙂

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