According to our spy at the Elton John Oscar party, Prince was one of the nicest and most polite celebrities to arrive – he waited patiently and turned down an offer to be escorted to the front of the line. We predicted that he would move on from his last girlfriend Bria Valente to concentrate on American Ballet Theater soloist Misty Copeland, and it looks like we were right. Misty was his Oscar night date. It also looks like he designed her dress because it somewhat resembles the dress he designed for his Oscar date Kim Basinger many years ago! (He loves shoulderpads and asymmetrical looks.)


  1. Well, it’s hard to tell but she does look pretty and she does seem to be his size. Good match? Time will tell.

  2. He seems to change women as often as some people change their shoes. That dress is ugly, her breast is hanging down, the shoulder pads should have been left back on Dynasty and on joan Collins. They aren’t pretty, just bulky rediculous looking things. And tiny Prince is certainly no Prince. It looks like he stole some unknown starlets cheap sparkly dress, and the full hardwared ear is not cute. Ugg to the whole thing. He’s sooo 1980!

  3. Prince is a petite fellow that reminds me of a delicate little girl……okay, maybe the “the bad seed” little girl. I can’t help but wonder if he cross dresses behind closed doors.

  4. Standing with your boyfriend in front of the mirror while you both put on your eye makeup doesn’t seem appealing.

  5. He is not THAT petite; that’s why all the girls are crazy abouat him. Kim B. was totally smitten for about 3 years. *I hoid this thru the gravevine) “)

  6. please don’t talk rubbish.

  7. Indy, are you suggesting that the purple one is built like a tripod?

  8. If Prince had a big package, he would wear a purple speedo on stage and show off his junk. Maybe he has a talented tongue. Who knows?

  9. Walt, in the back of me tired old mind, I remember bits and snippets about him. I just for sure remember Kim really really liking him. He’s always had ladies, of course, none of whose names I can recall. Never heard of him being a switch-hitter tho, but in GollyWeird, anything goes and nothing surprises.

  10. Prince is a legend, I’ve got nothing but love for him

  11. Looks like “Misty” is also ready to give up unlimited booty for some fame. At her size, her ballerina days are mostly behind her…BEHIND her!

  12. If he wasn’t famous,
    we would be calling him a cross dresser.

  13. Not a good look. Misty looks like she could be his child. I thought Prince and Bria Valente made a great looking couple when they were together two months ago. What the hell happened, oh YEAH it’s Prince! He is a playa from the hymalalayas. These two would not make the height requirement for the rollercoaster rides at Disney land. I hear the voices of chipmunks coming from this picture.

  14. Walt: “I can’t help but wonder if he cross dresses behind closed doors.”

    What do you mean? Do you SEE that outfit? Would YOU were that? Would most everyday males? NOT! He’s cross-dressing right before our eyes and daring us not to notice.
    By the way, the “purple’ is getting a bit stale by now…how long has he been mainlining it now? 30-something years? Time to put the purple needle down and step away “Prince.”

  15. Prince is a brilliant musician and performer. So is Misty and they look beautiful together. I adore Prince and find it disturbing so many negative statements on these sites. Most people don’t waste their time on blogs spewing out trash like some of you. Prince is a very successful musician and respected by thousands. Love you Prince!

  16. Prince should stop dating girls that could be his daughters. It is gross.

  17. cassidy: You’re welcome to keep him all to yourself. I wouldn’t walk across the street to see his overly purple self for free. Seen it once, seen it way to too many times. I bet you watch his purple rain movie on a loop too, huh?

  18. Misty has an underbite. Her jaw looks big because of that, you can tell when she speaks.

  19. Reta: “He’s cross-dressing right before our eyes and daring us not to notice.”

    Yes, he certainly is. lol I absolutely love his music. However, he is a tiny lightening bolt of glitter and/or different shades of purple most of the time. With his bright & bold style and delicate facial features, I can’t help but think that he probably has a dozen chiffon gowns with matching pumps hanging in his closet.

  20. You think Prince gives a lavender colored sh*t what any of you haters have to say? From his standpoint,purple, glittery, or whatever, you’re all losers!

  21. They are both 5’2″ tall, they look like a little miniature couple. The fashion sense is terrible. It is a awkward picture. I’ve seen Prince look 100 times better.

  22. WAtch out, Bria Valente is out of control. She is known to scower the internet and google anything and everything to do with Prince and who he is dating, then leave a bunch of trash talk about his “girlfriends”. She then goes onto talk about how “beautiful” she is. (barf)… she looks like a man.

  23. Prince looks really tired and older in this picture. He usually looks great.

  24. Be CAREFUL about trolls posting false rumors about Bria Valente! They do this all over the internet including his fan sites to try and ruin her reputation. She is a Jehovahs Witness and very close to Prince. DO NOT BELIEVE EBERYTHING YOU READ. Prince and Misty are not officially dating. He is single and not committed to anyone right now. That’s the real truth.

  25. I’m p***** cuz I love him more than anyone and I’m not his girlfriend!

  26. Happy Birthday Prince. You will always be “my lover”
    I’m 5″3″ and 45. People always are surprised and say I look 32. I wonder if Prince was just a guy down the street would any of these $ and fame b****ches be after him. I always liked slightly feminine short guys. I would rock his world! His @$$ still is fine!!! i saw him 3/23 and still wear his shirt almost everyday. and I”m a white girl!

  27. I am praying for you and I want you to have a good relationship and have some one to love and Good Luck and take it one day at a time and it is wonderful to see that you are happy and cheerful and she is very pretty and sweet and take care and have a wonderful day Prince..

  28. I thought he was my forever. I am P’d off! He hurt me like this and walk around with them because they pass the paper bag test!

    Leave me in the cold…YOU LIE!!!!!!!!!!!

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