If you’ve been looking forward to seeing the movie “Precious,” you might be surprised to learn that MANY moviegoers have been waiting for this one to open. It’s surprising, considering the subject matter – the story of an obese, illiterate, teenage girl struggling in Harlem to survive under unbearable conditions. It’s not pretty, but the brilliant director Lee Daniels successfully adds humor and fantasy to the desperate story, plus, and most important, hope. It’s a heartbreaking but life affirming movie that illustrates the world is not ALL bad. And one can always improve one’s circumstances. Every character is well cast and the story will pull you right in. Robin Thicke’s wife Paula Patton is a great discovery as a caring teacher. This is a very special movie. Bring some kleenex when you see it.

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  1. Janet — I have been wanting to see this since a colleague passed on the trailer to me months ago. I can’t wait! I thought that Meryl Streep would be a shoo-in for her performance as Julia Child, but I have a feeling that this film is going to blow the Academy away! 🙂

  2. But will the liberals get this is real life and they are supporting it happening more times than not keeping the poor down and broken for socialist votes?

  3. I’m just gonna watch parts of it on YouTube – it’s too damn sad to pay money to see this suffering.

  4. after using the toilet:
    …………………..HOW MUCH SHIT IS THERE, folks?

  5. Gee, Janet, sounds like somebody jumped right on that Oprah train !! This movie is being hyped like crazy. I read the book and it is good, but very depressing. It doesn’t let up, AT all ! I’ve heard the movie is the same way. I won’t pay to see a film that depresses me !

  6. The movie is sad and pathic and heartless to a large degree and the amount of abuse and harm of a child and the nasty creepy and weird hurtful things going on in this little ladies life and a mother who lets her boyfriend and the father of her daughter do that should have her ass in jail for abuse and I hope that in the future children speak up and tell on there parents if they feel something is not right and yes…Precious speaked up and by then it was too late and she had two children from her father and that was sick and freaky and from day one the mother should had protected her child and dump her boyfriend for trying to do something like that with her child and that mother felt like no one in this world would ever want her and that she could do no better in gaining a relationship for herself in the future and that was crazy messed up for me.. Of course I Cried and was happy she got away from this crazy ass mother who did not give a Dam for her daughter.

  7. Casonia Logenberry.. Hells kitchen, Jennifer keep it together and double check all your food from know on and..I really can't believe it? Your not crazy about italian food? That is a real problem down the road..Most people love things prepared with Tomato says:

    No one in this world needs abuse and there are people out there that take advantage and use people to Death and sooner or later..You use a person up and they are going to leave and never come back and…Your going to be alone and no one is going to ever care about you again.

  8. Movie is all about not careing for you daughter and allowing some one to hurt your child and that is really sad and makes me mad that she was treated that way and was happy when it stopped and ended all the hurt and pain and stress and knowing her father did that to her and the mother allowed it..MAKES ME SICK TO THINK THAT SOME ONE IS LIKE THAT ON THIS EARTH AND IT IS TOO BAD THIS WOMAN WAS NOT LOCKED UP AND TOSSED IN JAIL AND WITH THE NEW LAW WOULD HAVE HER WORKING ON A FARM SOME WHERE IN THE COUNTRY FOR FREE PAYING OFF TAX PAYERS FOR THE MONEY SHE SUCKED DRY OUT OF THE STATE.

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