Personality Test

Just last year, girls who had a crush on Jason Dohring, who plays bad boy Logan on Veronica Mars, might be interested to learn that he’s VERY accessible and can frequently be found on Hollywood Boulevard chatting up strangers and handing out pamphlets in front of the Scientology Center. Jason stops people, asking “Would you like to take a personality test?” and invites them into the center. People are starting to recognize him more often, but it doesn’t bother the 23 year old acter. He told Inside TV “I’m here almost every day that I’m not filming!”

6 thoughts on “Personality Test

  1. Another creepy cult member freak that I shall now boycott any show,movie,cd or product hes in or promotes.Boycott all of these insane cult members.

  2. Oh, no, not another one! Scary that he might cause some teens to join up.

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