The IRS is deep in their investigation of the Kabbalah Center, which calls itself a non-profit organization and doesn’t file a tax return. The investigation started when the cult’s chief financial officer uncovered income tax fraud. Millions of dollars in donations have been made and where the money went is the big question. We didn’t realize that Sandra Bernhard was the first celebrity to get involved in Kabbalah and she pulled in many famous friends like Roseanne Barr and Madonna. Other celebrities attracted to Kabbalah include Elizabeth Taylor, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gentiles Paris Hilton Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Celebrities accelerated Kabbalah’s financial growth. None of the celebrities remaining in the fold have commented on the IRS scandal. Madonna remains loyal even though the Malawi orphanage she planned with Kabbalah leaders never came to fruition and the money disappeared. We just hope this IRS investigation leads to the taxation of wealthy groups like Kabbalah or Scientology – or even better, ALL religions.


  1. 100% agree Janet. Time to see religion for what it is. The Kabbalah Centre is just one of many. I am fascinated by the Madonna connection though. She’s a control freak but has been taken in by a shady, uncharitable organisation. I’m sure they do some good work but tax fraud? So shady, and hardly moral or ethical.

    I heard Sandra Bernhard on the Howard Stern show a few years ago and she made a few good observations about the Kabbalah Centre and their pandering to Madonna. It’s on You Tube, check it out!

  2. She wanted Gov. Palin raped by a gang of brothers in NYC…Where was the outrage for women’s groups?

  3. Oops meant from ….and outrage from NAACP or Sharpton for her assumption that black men are rapists.

  4. Sandra Bernhard’s voice annoys me to no end. Why didn’t she get her noise fixed……..or did she?

    Kabbalah is for wackadoos and quacks.

  5. She is one uglyyyyyyyy jewish dyke paedophile!

    The scams that are these off the wall religions and the fake foundations like J Lo’s that just hire relatives at large salaries. Next the Lindsay Lohan Foundation or the Sam Ronson/Jenny Shinzau Lesbo Foundation

  6. Colin, there are way too many videos on youtube of her on Howard Stern. Do you have a link or at least the date that it was on? Thanks.

  7. Caption for the above pic should read:

    The Face only a Kabbalist Mother Could Love!!

    Whoo-ee, this broad has got to be one of the ugliest women everrr! And to think, she looks like she is all dolled up and out on the town. I wonder if anyone has had her fall asleep in their arms? If so, they probably considered gnawing off their arm rather than wake her up!

    Just kidding, I’m sure she has some perfectly redeeming qualities. Maybe she’s a maniac in bed, who knows? Hahaha

  8. These BIG so-called religious cults or meaningless religious groups should be checked out by the IRS and taxed. Where is all the money???? Find it.

  9. Kabbalah and Scientology false cults need to be investigated. IRS has been dancing around this for years; what is taking so long.

    It appears the most rich and famous celebs are the ones who follow these false teachings. Google ‘celebs who are in Kabbalah’ …or…’celebs who are in Scientology. Dumb and dumber, unbelievable.

  10. paedophile??? I hadn’t heard that before. You are just joking right?

  11. Amen Janet ! Ooops that was religious but I agree 100%

  12. @Colin, thanks for the link

    @Indy, according to the book “Inside Scientology” they (Scientology) bullied the IRS and wore them down until they approved the tax free status. IRS workers would get calls at all hours of the night and other harassing techniques. They gave in. Wrong thing to do, I know. I doubt they will ever revoke that status because they don’t want to live in fear.

  13. Gee, we’re not suppose to say something religious on this website?

    God bless each one of you and this website!! : )

    Have a blessed day tomorrow too!!

  14. Sandra is relentlessly, aggressively, hopelessly devoid of any talent.

    Stands to reason she’s made a little cash by beating the bushes for Kabal-hah prospects.

    $20 for a piece of string—”blessed” by some rabbi? Sure! They also wanted to market sets of “magic beans,” but someone in the racket thought that might be pushing it LOL.

  15. Only a mother could love THAT face. 🙁

    Something nice: But her father was a Cleveland proctologist, so it was all in a day’s work. 🙂

  16. There should not be an exemption for religious organizations. When everyone is talking about tax loop holes for the rich, why aren’t they commenting on how much money the Catholic church has, and it doesn’t have to pay taxes. And that goes for any/every religious organization.

  17. I don’t know why this ugly woman is even still around-she has absolutely no talent whatsoever.

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