George Clooney is mourning the loss of the longest lasting love of his life – his pig Max. George got Max back in the eighties from his live-in girlfriend Kelly Preston. His romance with Kelly was over in a year, but Max was in his life until last week when he died of old age at 18. Max ALWAYS lived with George and had run of the house. Sometimes George’s girlfriends were awakened by snorting in their ear when Max hopped into bed with them. Mark Wahlberg says he stayed overnight at George’s place once and woke up to find Max snuggled beside him. Of all George’s girlfriends, Renee Zellweger was really enchanted with Max – she loved the way Max followed George everywhere. George spoiled Max with a $1500 train set (he loved to watch the trains go around) and thought nothing of spending $25 a pound for chocolate covered pretzels for Max. (Pigs love chocolate and it doesn’t hurt them) Who will George share his bed with now?


  1. My Bet is the stench from Lindsay Lohans Fire Crotch did the poor lil piggy in.

  2. Poor George. This pig lasted longer than any of the beards in his life.
    Why do I feel like I want a bacon sandwich right now?
    Oye Vey…………

  3. I saw George buying some Jimmy Dean pork sausages at Ralphs so maybe he was buying them to cuddle.

  4. Who cares? George Clooney is soooooo over rated as a “sex symbol.” Please.

  5. What’s the matter with you hateful assholes? The guy just lost a beloved pet, and — guess what? — no one really gives a shit what you think. Stop trying to be clever — it ain’t working.

  6. I’m sorry – when he loves a pig more than people, I don’t feel sorry for him. God, it’s a pet – not his twin brother. Or is it?
    Clooney might be good-looking – but he’s not what he appears. There are some stories that would shock his fans if they were to know.

  7. Um anonymous 7:43am, Well Im a fan and I would love to know?
    Otherwise why did u say that?

  8. I think it’s nice hearing about somebody taking good care of their pet for life. Look at all those other idiot celebrities who had cute pets briefly and got rid of them when they got bored: Michael Jackson, Britney, Paris, etc.

  9. If there is such good dish on Clooney, why don’t we hear about it? You never really hear much about him.
    I’d like to know what Tom Selleck is up to these days.

  10. I’m a pig.
    I’m a pig.
    I’m a pig.
    I’m a pig.
    Best joke ever!!

  11. I think it’s absolutely lovely that this pig was given such a wonderful life with George Clooney. How I wish I could have been that pig.

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